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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone! @Luhrian @Tytonium and I, are working together in favor of fixing the Fort map, we have an early version that we would love to have you playing it (solo or on server), and give us your opinions. any comments, recording of the map played, screenshots will be wellcomed. please share the info down here for better organization. Fort1.zip
  2. Hello and good morning, Descritpion: A few people on discord server have been familiar that I am building mutator, and i found the whole proccess of building and testing very long, having to keep folders open, edit files, open a compiler program and so on, so i decided to build a bat script (bat is totaly pain, but it's something that there would be no need of instaling anything on anyone's machine). What does it do? - Mody the .ini file that the UDK will read to compile your script, by addind on the correct place the name of the mutator your specify. - Compiles the current mutator speicifed. This one, i havent figured out how to get the output that will go on to another window, so, it will prompt another windows with compilation logs. - After the new prompt windows is closed, the batch resumes and asks to procced or not, if yes, it will copy the new compiled file from the UDK folder to the RenX game folder. The question proccess is for the case there is compilation issues and you do not wish to procced - Then it will execute the RenX, loading the mutator on a specified map, skipping the movies/intros. What a user has to change in order to work? A the top of the file, there will be some variables surrounded by comments, there you need to fit in, explained bellow: SET INI_FILE=The path to the ini file named DefaultEngineUDK.ini SET MAP=Name of the map to be loaded SET MUTATOR_NAME=Mutator name SET MUTATOR_PACKAGE_NAME=Mutator Package name SET RENX_PATH=Renegade X Folder SET UDK_PATH=UDK Folder --------------------------- TO DO: The file attached is completed filled with informationj of my own mutator, to serve as example of the varibles to be filled. At the end of the file is just a comment from the commend i use at cmd to invoke that script -------------------------- Future Modification: Find a way to capture the make result to check if error and do not procced, or on sucessfull compilation, go forward and load map. RenX_Mutator_Local_Test.bat
  3. RenX community testers: What do we offer: general map testing glitch, game exploit, balance testing proper feedback, documentation, etc. for mappers private / confidential pre-release testing and more... How to recruit us: @DarkSn4ke: Forums PM | Steam | TS³ [www.stalker-contact.de] | Discord Try-Out: T.O. >>> Testing Server <<< We usually test any map that you request us to test for you. Please be aware that it might take a while until you get the feedback. & more - that are: many talented and seasoned RenX players, either tanker, sniper, commander, sneaker, rusher (for gameplay feedback) or dedicated glitchers that are known to us and help to improve the game for the greater cause. Regards, Sn4ke
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