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  1. I can't install the game through launcher, I need Latest full game as Zip can anyone help me?
  2. All stealth system are available only in NOD. I am a regular GDI player. I have a new idea for GDI HAVOC. In Modern Combat 5 : Blackout while a sniper aim for shot he gets semi-invisible or Semi-stealth (Only while aiming with scope). Cause while GDI snipers aim for kill SBH's kill them by getting too close! So It's so hard for sniping with 2 threat (1. Counter sniper 2. SBHS). So I think it will be better if's like MC5: Blackout. I mean GDI Havoc should be Semi-Invisible or Semi-stealth while aiming with scope. Thanks & sorry for bad English
  3. What's wrong with me? No Server online! I am from Bangladesh
  4. Can anyone give me the 64 bit version download link
  5. Unfortunately I am in Red
    I have downloaded the file now what to do... plz help
  6. Destroyed building mines could be able to remove by anyone... It'll be grate benefit for Hotti/Tech
  7. Is it possible to add voice chat in game?
  8. Is there any way to make this game downloadable to Stream. If can then how to do?
  9. Most of the people restart game for team changing
  10. Team changing should be open on Marathon server. I love GDI & this server force me to play as Nod sometimes. Its annoing
  11. @Henk Yah I know that.. I always go live with this game & that was a file, where can't be add pictures but other post can
  12. People don't show interest to download the full game from the game launcher, Because it takes too much time. We need the full build (updated regularly) game as zip file or torrent file. So that people can download full game (with maps) easily. My net is very slow to do that (400KB/S). Need someone who has speedy net connection
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