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  1. I think taxi can be fun everywhere, and on every map There are players who drive humvee or buggy through the whole match, looking for a passenger all you have to do is to just get on their vehicle, they will get you where ever you need to be, without even asking you a single thing They are the loveliest players in the renx
  2. @roweboat Thanks for the guidance, that seems like a useful resource, I'm gonna check it out !
  3. Hi ! I got some questions that I would be happy if dear developers help me about them. 1. How was the situation about copy right laws when you started developing renegadex? Did EA have any problem with it? 2. Can other fans use renegadex stuff (models, musics, maps, story and ...) to make another fan made game which is based on renegadex? something simple, like a 2D renegadex game Well recently I'm learning game development, and I thought it would be nice to work on some renegade related stuff. But I'm a noob in copy right laws.
  4. As I remember, this was possible in original Renegade. It can make matches more realistic and can add some cases which some team members can betray their own team and defect to the enemy team, reping their stuff until they can change their team completely. It also has some bad results, I'm not a game expert but in reverse maybe we should turn friendly fire on to have some conceptual balance. It won't result nice specially when a mrls is looking for sbh near itself and it can kill its own loyal rep Anyway I don't say it's good or bad, I will be glad to hear your opinions on this. What more bad results or good results can we get from the reps being able to rep enemy?
  5. @RustyShackleford You answered from a perspective that few of us can see the question from, thanks 🙂 from now on, as I'm a nod person, I use this trick with more confidence
  6. @roweboatwell that's the point, although it's a bug, we can't stand not using it 🙂 but anyway, although I myself use this trick a lot, but I hope that this bug gets solved soon so players can have more fair matches
  7. Well some people call it a bugusing, although some other call it a trick. Here we have a philosophical question, BUGUSING OR A TRICK? should we do it or not?
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