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Aggressive tankplay: acceptable or not?


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In a game earlier, someone called me out for intentionally running my light into his medium, wondering if this is acceptable. To briefly give context, I was driving aside a flame tank down the lower vehicle path in Hexmountain as a med ran into us. The flamer engaged and I drove up to the left and boxed the medium into me and the flamer. 
I understand the player in the medium's point, though, as it is quite an up-close and personal approach :) It wasn't to harass the other player, I tend to do this to keep the opposing's turret out of my reach as I blast into the other tank.

Personally, I don't really see the problem with this sort of strategy, but I also don't want to be the asshole. Is it an issue? 

Always feel free to pm in-game if there's a problem you have with me, btw. 

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Am I going to say how... no.

Apparently if you are rammed and the opposing tank has traction... read Gliven's response below for how to do this. I don't think anything other than another mammoth tank should be able to push a mammoth tank imo.

It sounds like good player co-operation, I don't think what you're describing is a cheap tactic or something for someone to overly complain about, although I would be annoyed or frustrated at feeling 'shepherded', so maybe understand from his point of view if you were in the same position. The police use this tactic by the way to block cars from escaping.

My biggest head-to-head tank dual gripe is when a medium tank manages to get jammed under the front of my flame tank and my barrels end up facing upwards into the sky rather than into their tank. I'd like to see the Devil's Tongue flame tank in this game, and perhaps those mincing rotas can do melee crush damage to tanks as well as flame damage so you literally have to move out of their way or face the consequences. My favourite guilty pleasure is getting a flame tank behind enemy front lines and then melting 3-4 MRLs all with light armour.

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@Mystic~ If you press 2 you put yourself into the passenger seat, which stops your vehicle no matter what is pushing you. You then hit 1 to go back into driver seat. Much safer, and faster than getting out and then back in. Just pray the opposing tank doesn't get underneath you. 😭

!rude  @Danvik

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