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Consolidated Soundbug Topic


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On 2/20/2022 at 7:22 AM, AshbyJones said:

Wow is soundbug STILL a thing??  #blamethedevs

you try to fix it.

On 1/14/2021 at 3:46 AM, Dr_Chat said:

The soundbug is trivial to reproduce by changing the output audio device on the desktop.

Sounds like "a way to break sound".
I bet you that the issue you're introducing by switching your sound device is not the "sound bug on mapchange" bug.

Sound bug on map change bug has specific qualities such as Reivax describes,
Since this topic has been bumped by Ashby, I will repeat one more time what many if not all SB-sufferers have reported:

- sound often goes out with a little "pop"
- when you alt-tab to Windows and check your mixer you see that the volume bar of the RenX-specific slider is solidly green up to the set volume. (not to the max possible)
- all your other sound is somewhat distorted and reduced until you close UDK

So again, the issue that you're "reproducing" is probably just one of the many ways to break XAudio2 which is known to be a somewhat "sensitive" system.
Also FYI, I am unable to introduce your issue by switching sound devices in Windows. Sound remains perfectly. 😉

Thanks for trying though!

A new and somewhat more educated fix attempt has been on its way and will be rolled out next patch.

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  • 2 months later...

After two months since its discovery, my latest fix-candidate is now LIVE.
This will be our third attempt since the beginning of 2019. (I can't speak for the developers before me)

To anyone reading this:

Please report if you still encounter this sound crash on map change a.k.a. "the sound bug".
Also, kindly refrain from reporting issues with sound here that do not occur on map change. (please create a new topic for that)

Thank you!! :D🥰

And thanks everyone #DEV and #TestTeam for all the support and testing.
Wouldn't have made it to this #3 without you.

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