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Winter X map. How does artillary kill me inside Barr?


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How does that work?  i.e.  where is the artillery?

i was standing just inside the doors a bit, and got repeatedly killed by artillery.    I was just wondering how that works.

It was a general stand off with no nod vehicles in our base.

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I am asking because i don't think it was possible and it felt like someone was cheating.    I don't like to make accusations in the game, and i like to know what is legit and what is not.

Can nod artillery hit into the gdi barracks from the nod base?  

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Can they hit from the base? No. I was in that match, if you're talking about Whiteout. I was one of the snipers sniping into the base, and it looked normal to me. I also played Snow X if you were referring to that map, though I don't really know since I don't know what Winter X is.

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Im to used to the original Renegade so im not sure, but in the old Ren you could easily kill people inside building with the Nod Artillerie. Thats actually what i liked about old ren: Its like the building inside looses pieces or some pipes are blowing up or whatever and it hurts and kills the people inside. Strangely felt kinda realistic in some way.

Dont know exactly how it is in Renegade X (still used to a lot from old Ren, like 2 remote C4s killing someone instead of not even killing someone at all.... yes they were detonated right under his ass one after one...)

So if this splash damage of explosives still works like in old Renegade then the answer would be: Yes Nod Artillerie CAN kill you inside buildings.

I used to even do that on one specific map where there are water tunnels to get to the enemy base. I fired blindly inside the water and as soon as i noticed my points were going up i knew i hit something and tried to imagine the enemys path and followed with my explosions until someone died. (Yes i admit i did such a mean little tactic, im at least honest about such things)

So additional question for this thread: Is splash damage still working like that or not? (And please dont take away that feature as well.... there are already a few things missing from old Ren that are not here anymore...)

Also doesnt 2 remote C4s usually kill infantry or was that different in Ren X?

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