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so.... about $$ Can RenX be a Non Profit?


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Correct me if i get any of this wrong, please.

The game developers cannot make money on the game.  i.e. the game cannot be monetized.    

we cannot give money to the game developers is the traditional thinking.  ? correct or better said another way?  


Why is RenX not a non profit?


Why  is Ren X    NOT  a non profit.  ?


I have formed non profits before.  They are not very complicated.    In a normal non profit the people who participate are compensated for their time.    .  .    ..

.  . . .  .  ?

Does RenX provide a service to the greater good of the public?   I  certainly think so.

Could 3 people be found to be President, Treasurer and Secretary of regular meetings.    ...   yeah......




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Yeah, you DO NOT want to make EA mad. RenX must be kept alive.

[F1]: buy EA. Now Totem Arts makes the rules.

[F2]: if for some incomprehensible reason Totem Arts does not have enough money to buy EA, kidnap the CEO (anonymously, of course, so nobody would guess it was TA) and set the ransom at full freedom for Totem Arts to do whatever they like.

It's really a shame that Totem Arts is in the position they are. Maybe someday EA will send an email saying, "Go ahead and make money, have fun!" but probably not. : (


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