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Last update: August 17th, 2009

If you have an honest question about Renegade X, then please, ask it on this thread.

We'll do our best to answer them for you, and those questions which we think are worthy of an FAQ page, will be immortalized, and officially listed right here.

Q: When will this mod be released?

A: It's done when it's done... It's done when it's fun... and when it's fun, it's done.

There will be several releases such as betas with different levels of content varying from a few infantry/weapons/vehicles/structures, to complete releases.

There will be no release dates announced until the actual week of release.

The first beta release is September 30th, 2009.

Q: Will you need UT3 to play this mod or is it a stand alone?

A: You will need a valid copy of Unreal Tournament 3 with the most up-to-date patch in order to play Renegade X. (At the moment that is patch 2.)(The Steam version [black Edition] is already fully patched. You don't need to install a patch for that.) For legal reasons there is no way we could do a stand-alone, so don't even bother asking.

Q: Will it work with Steam?

A: Yes it will. In fact a few people on the team are using the Steam version so we definitely know it will work.

Q: Can I still play UT3 with Renegade X installed?

Yes! You can play regular UT3 whenever you want.

Q: Will it work with other games powered by the Unreal 3 engine?

A: Nope, just UT3.

Q: Are you gonna cook this for the Playstation 3?

A: Yes we plan on porting this to the PS3, however, not until after the final PC version is done. So that means no betas for the PS3.

Also, with that being said, it might not even be possible to cook a mod like ours that is so large and complex for various reasons, such as memory limitations of the PS3.

Q: What about the Xbox 360?

A: Unfortunately no. We would if there were tools for it, but there is no way to get mods onto the 360. Sorry.

Q: Will this team remake the original Renegade maps for this mod?

A: Yes, all of the original Renegade maps will be remade. The original maps will look much better than before, and will receive more general detail.

Q: Will we (the fans) be able to make our own maps?

A: Yes we will release all the packages for buildings and stuff that you need to be able to make your own maps for Renegade-X. We'll also make some tutorials for how to set up everything so it works right with the mod. You will need UT3 installed because maps are made with the Unreal Editor.

Q: What enhancement will we see in C&C mode?

A: Because of the unique Unreal Engine 3, a major enhancement to C&C mode is players. The original game had bad net coding, and didn't support many players in the same server. Because of many different factors, expect there to be the possibility to play with a lot more people without significant fps drop. Unreal Tournament 3 also has a superior physics engine that will bring new enhanced physics to the Renegade experience.

We also have a few nifty enhancements like showing proximity mine counts on the HUD. The MRLS will also have a rotating turret, but you'll also be able to lock it forward so you can fire around corners like in Renegade. Transport helicopters get a chaingun mounted on either side window, but only passengers can control them, not the pilot. Vehicles queue up at the factory in the order purchased. You'll find out a full list when we make a release.

Q: Will the mod feature a single player campaign?

A: Multiplayer is the major priority for this project, so therefore we cannot guarantee any singleplayer missions. If, however, we still have the time, manpower, and will to do a singleplayer after all the multiplayer features are complete, then we may consider working on some form of a campaign.

Q: Will we be able to customize skins/sounds/boink/models with Renegade-X the way we could in C&C Renegade?

A: No. This is for multiple reasons. The main reason is just the way data is handled in UT3 with materials, code, and packages. In order to change a skin you would essentially have to change the version of the mod, which means you wouldn't be able to play on servers, and even then the server would download the original "correct" files and use those anyways. A secondary reason is to prevent "advantage skin" exploits/cheats.

Q: Will the mod feature any new game-modes?

A: Yes, there's no official list of game modes but expect to see more game modes than just C&C Mode in the final release. However we will be finishing C&C Mode before starting on other modes.

Q: What about UT2004-esque Assault maps?

A: Maybe.

Q: What additions in terms of units and buildings will we see?

A: The standard maps won't have any extra units and buildings, but custom maps will have things like Recon Bikes, SSMs (Nod's Surface to Surface Missile launcher) Conyards, Comm Centers, Repair Pads, etc.

Q: Might you add extra stuff on maps that wasn't there originally like flying units on Volcano etc.?

A: No.

Q: Will Renegade X re-introduce third person view?

A: Yes. UT3 already has a third person view you can use when you're playing by yourself with a console command. We'll be enhancing this to make it much better and of course enable it in multiplayer.

Q: Will there be first person views inside vehicle cockpits?

A: Unlikely. Unreal does support this, however if we eventually decide to do this it won't be until a much later release after all vehicles are in-game (in fact, the priority for this would be so low that most of the mod would be done before we go back and add first person views for vehicles.)

Q: Will Tiberium Fields look the same as they were in Renegade?

A: The Tiberium Fields will stick to the C&C canon. We'll be using a mixture of the C&C3, Renegade, and Tiberian Dawn design of Tiberium crystals/pods and the ground underneath them.

Q: What about anti-cheat programs?

A: Unreal Tournament by default has better anti-cheat applications than Renegade, and cheaters can be banned from the entire network. Even if worse comes to worse, UT3 offers a "spectator mode". If a moderator is suspicious of a certain player, he can set himself as a spectator and follow him around. The community made some good anti-cheat programs for UT2004. Maybe they will for UT3 as well.

Q: Will a player be able to go prone and shoot a weapon?

A: We're aiming more for a fast-paced game, going prone doesn't really suit Renegade's gameplay.

Q: How about leaning around corners without fully exposing yourself?

A: Probably not.

Q: C&C Renegade had a vehicle limit of 7 online. How will limits work in this mod?

A: Vehicle limits will be totally up to the Host of the server. It'll be a variable, so hosts can choose how many vehicles they want per team. The default setting will be the default of Renegade.

Q: C&C Renegade had an online code that allowed to you purchase extra infantry. Will Renegade X have that?

A: Extras will be around, but in a different form. Many of Renegade's extras were just different character models with the same weapon (like a chef with a flamethrower). Extras will be up to the server host as a variable, but the actual extras will be different from Renegade's.

Q: Might you use some of the stock UT3 weapons/vehicles/characters as extras?

A: Nope. We've got our own extras planned.

Q: The main problem I had with UT2004 was that there was no HUD when playing in 3rd person, will this be fixed in Renegade X?

A: Yes of course. Besides, this is UT3, not UT2004.

Q: Do you plan on accurately measure all weapon damage to maintain game balance?

A: Yes, we will convert Renegade's Level Editor preset statistics to UEd setup of our weapons...these will match the exact damage, ROF, and velocity of the renegade stats.

Q: Do you plan on sizing the walls and barriers to allow and disallow jumping appropriately?

A: Walls will remain their same height. You probably will not be able to wall-jump with a buddy.

Q: Some people found some of the bugs in C&C Renegade useful, such as using Purchase Terminals through walls on the Barracks or Weapons Factory. Will you keep some of the bugs intentionally?

A: Sorry folks, you're not supposed to be able to use PTs through walls and you won't be able to in Renegade X. Some other bugs that we won't carry over are pistols not being preloaded, SBH reveal glitches, and disproportionate points awarded for sniping a tank. You're not getting points for that charlie, quit being a coward and face the tank like a man. :P

Q: Will you have a game mode to allow for tunnel nukes? Some found this a valid tactic.

A: No. Splash damage in Unreal does pay attention to walls unlike in C&C Renegade. We would have to intentionally make the Nuke (and any other weapon) ignore splash collision. Although it does damage in a volume because it is a superweapon, we'll have to carefully adjust how it does damage. We might just make a volume in tunnels where beacons are just disabled from planting.

Q: Will stealth soldiers and stanks periodically shimmer so they can be detected as in the old game?

A: Nope, only when shot or you get really close to them.

Q: Will MRLS missles seek the same way?

A: They'll home in on a target if you hold your cursor over the target for a few moments to lock on. Unreal already has homing missiles so it is easy to adapt.

Q: Some sort of expanded communications would be nice. While full voice is available common now, listening to children is often not a good time. It would be nice to have the full commands from the old game supported like "defend the power plant". Add "I've mined the power plant" etc.

A: While the old commands are in, a few may be changed, but the voice option will be used for things like "I mined the power plant". Something the team is working on are "squad" groupings where players can set up their own groups for voice and text chat, among other things. More on that later.

Q: Will buildings collapse when destroyed?

A: The short answer is no. We believe it would cause more gameplay problems than it is worth. However, unlike in Renegade where a destroyed building only had a texture change, a few smoke emitters, and red lighting, we'll punch a few holes in the walls, knock over a few support objects, and make debris, but nothing as extreme as total structural collapse.

Q: Wow all your stuff looks so cool, what do you use to make it?

A: Oh the usual, 3DS Max, Maya, Photoshop, zbrush, Mudbox, etc.

Q: Speaking of how awesome everything looks, won't that much awesome cause my computer to divide by zero and kill itself?

A: Not if it is already capable of running UT3. We're aiming for system requirements around the same as UT3.

Q: With the enhancements to Renegade you're making, will you allow passengers to fire out of vehicles?

A: While passengers will be able to take control of the vehicle's gun if the driver and passenger agree on it like in Renegade, we won't add additional machine guns to vehicles or enable infantry to fire out of ports or anything because it would change the gameplay too much and imbalances certain vehicles.

Q: How will character switching work?

A: Exactly the same as in C&C Renegade. Walk up to a Purchase Terminal, hit the action/use key and navigate through the interface to switch characters if you have enough credits.

Q: C&C Renegade has announcements like "Hand of Nod under attack" or "GDI Power Plant destroyed", will these be in Renegade X?

A: Yes all the important informational announcements will be in Renegade X.

Q: What about the announcements from Unreal such as "Double Kill!" "Mega Kill!" "Road Rage!" and such? What about taunts?

A: We don't really think those are appropriate for Renegade's style, although we wouldn't be opposed to them as a user option. We have no plans for them right now. We could possibly use the scripts for custom announcements for new announcements, custom boink sounds, or taunts.

Q: Is the kill boink sound going to make a return?

A: You bet your ass it is!

Q: Will Renegade X have AI bots?

A: Yes! Those who have played C&C Renegade know that its bots were as dumb as a rock, but Unreal already has some very good AI and it will be very easy to set up our characters to work with it. (Although we will need to customize algorithms for avoiding base defenses and repairing allies etc.)

In fact a server admin will be able to set up a system where bots fill empty spots on both teams until real people join, then they'll take one of the bots' places. This way servers can stay full or have small matches at their discretion. Also players can give orders to Unreal's bots so we might enable command of a bot or 2 to follow you around and give support.

Q: Okay with that said, will the AI cheat like many AI's are known to do?

A: Well if you're referring to the AI seeing invisible units, then no they won't if we can help it (aside from base defenses, which will still detect invisibility at all ranges due to gameplay reasons). The AI modified from Unreal's AI will follow rules (such as character/vehicle purchasing, credits use) better than the C&C Renegade AI ever could.

Q: Since Unreal has better physics than C&C Renegade, will you alter some vehicles, such as the projectile physics for the Artillery actually being a parabolic arc?

A: Every weapon in Renegade is point-&-click with no projectile drop or slowdown aside from the Grenade Launcher and tossed C4. We intend to keep it that way in Renegade X, although it could be possible that the Artillery's shell will travel straight for a very long distance and then fall to the ground once it hits its maximum range.

Q: Will you add iron sights to any of the weapons?

A: No. There is no need for them (even for fun) because C&C Renegade (and by extension, Renegade X) is an arcadey shooter where player movement does not affect weapon accuracy. All weapons have the same accuracy/spray whether you are moving or standing still (it depends on your aim), the latter of which I don't recommend during combat.

Q: Will you incorporate Free Aim?

A: Yes. By default Unreal's cameras are locked to vehicle turrets, but if our coders can come up with a free aim system for locking the camera to the chassis (and unlocking free aim for infantry) then we'll have it.

Q: Will all the buildings have a model without the ramps etc. for non-flying maps as C&C Renegade does?

A: Yep.

Q: Will Renegade X have the same scale as in C&C Renegade?

A: Yes the scale of units/vehicles/structures/maps/movement speeds will be very close to those of C&C Renegade.

Q: There are also a lot of new features implemented by server side mods on C&C Renegade nowadays such as veterancy levels, many crate pickups, vehicle shells which can be restored, ammo packs/backpacks, health, or armor that players drop when they are killed etc... Are you guys considering of implementing any of it?

A: Yes we'll be making a lot of those enhancements in Renegade X (But not all of them). Most of them will be options that server admins can turn on or off, and by default they will be off.

Q: Will you have different sets of camouflage for buildings and vehicles depending on the map environment? (E.g. snow, desert, forest, urban)

A: No. Although vehicles will get dirtier/more worn with use, and on snow maps that means some snow accumulation, but that's just accumulation. They'll still have the same camo. The same with buildings. They'll have the same camo, but there might be some snow accumulation on them.

Q: Will you tell new players to this gametype how it works?

A: Yes we will make some tutorial vids/maps about the basics of C&C Mode, tips, tricks, etc. in a manner similar to the Unreal gametype tutorials.

Q: Will you stop Base-to-Base missile fire exploits?

A: This is a map problem, and yes, we will be making alterations to maps to prevent it. (Such as a natural rock bridge blocking MRLS-to-HoN missiles from next to the GDI Barracks on Islands.)

Q: Your infantry animations that I have seen in videos look fruity. Why?

A: Those are UT3's animations played at UT3 speeds, but with infantry only moving at Renegade's speed, so there is a mismatch. We haven't made our own infantry animations yet, but we will eventually.

Q: All your visual art looks great, what about audio?

A: We won't be reusing sounds from C&C Renegade, but we'll make sounds that are similar to their Renegade counterparts.

Q: Hey, might you add the ability for infantry to rappel down from Transport helicopters?

A: Nah. There aren't a lot of places that the Transports can't go where you would actually need this ability.

Q: How about letting the Transports carry vehicles underneath them?

A: No. Only for delivery of crate vehicles.

Q: Will helicopters have a realistic Rotor volume, so it hits and does damage to things if it comes into contact with certain things?

A: No, they won't do damage to other things (like cutting up infantry), and your helicopter won't take damage. However, if you're flying really fast and smash into a wall at high velocity, then yes your aircraft will take damage. In fact, all vehicles will take a little damage if you crash into stuff at high speeds.

Q: Will vehicles take damage according to where they are hit?

A: Yes. Right now, vehicles take damage in the same way that any vehicle in UT3 would take damage. That is, they do take damage according to where they are hit- one of many great benefits of moving to a more advanced engine.

Q: Will there be weather like snow/fog/rain/dust storms?

A: Yes. It might be on a timer, or it might always be on. This will be on a map-by-map basis.

Q: Will this weather make it easier to spot stealthed units? (Like water rolling off of an invisible object.)

A: No, because it would break the balance if you could see invisible people on many of the maps. Little movement puff of dust/water/snow that were in Renegade already will probably stay though.

Q: Will harvesters work like original CCR?

A: Yes. Harvesters will function the same way as in Renegade. AI Harvester goes to and from the field/Refinery which gives you credits. They'll follow a predetermined path and will not take evasive action. Additionally as in some fan maps you will be able to purchase your own drivable Harvester to boost your team's income rate.

Q: Will you address how weird it looks when you disarm a Nuke beacon 2 seconds before the nuke detonates only to have the missile vanish/do nothing?

A: Yes. The idea we're considering is just delaying the actual attack animation until after your 30 seconds are up. So the Nuke/Ion animation wouldn't start playing until after the 30-seconds-to-disarm period is over and there is no way to stop the attack.

Q: Can we lock vehicles to prevent team theft?

A: Yes, vehicles will be automatically bound to you when you buy them. You can then control who has access to them or just lock them. You can unlock them to give them to someone else via a command if you wish. Enemies will always be able to steal your vehicle if you leave it empty. You can only have one vehicle bound/locked to you. Instead of needing to type a command you'll probably be able to push a button for all bind/lock/kick functions.

Q: Might you add Blue Tiberium?

A: Probably not on any of our maps. Maybe on a fan map.

Q: Are you going to bring over some of the more specific animations from Renegade like specific death animations, or those fun animations like saluting?

A: Maybe, but that's a low priority.

Q: Would it be possible to have dynamic cycle of day and night in game?

A: We were thinking about that, but it might not be possible to do.

Q: Can the Engineer/Hottie/Technician have an alternate-fire on the Repair Gun that does damage?

A: No.

Q: But that happened in Renegade's campaign!

A: We don't care. It didn't happen in the multiplayer.

Q: Will you still be able to double-jump like in UT3?

A: No, we disabled that.

Q: How about feigning death?

A: Yes. Also the target box (or outline rather) will disappear when someone feigns death.

Q: Can I drop a weapon for my teammate to pick up?

A: No. Unless an enemy kills you or you suicide yourself with C4. :P And even then, the server operator has to have weapon drops on death enabled.

Q: Can you give the SBH an instant-kill butterfly knife for backstabs?

A: No.

Q: Can there be a "continuous heal" option for the Repair Gun so you don't have to hold down the fire button for it to keep shooting?

A: What's with you and the TF2 ideas? No. Unlike TF2, healing a building doesn't require moving around to keep up with it, so you could just start shooting while aimed at a MCT and then go AFK, which is a no-no.

Q: Might the mod have an autoupdater?

A: Maybe.

Q: Will there be a screen where we can review chat messages? They go by so fast in Ren.

A: Yes you will be able to read the chat history.

Q: Will there be melee like smacking people in the back of the head with the butts of our guns?

A: Doubtful.

Q: Will there be unlockable achievements?

A: We're thinking about it.

Q: Can there be flashlights?

A: No.

Q: Will the Nod Turret be more useful than it was in Renegade?

A: The AI is better although we're still working on it. You can get in and shoot it yourself. This might end up a server option.

Q: When you die, will your body disappear immediately like in Renegade?

A: Bodies (or body parts) linger for a few moments depending on how you were killed (rocket launcher vs bullet vs Tiberium, etc.).

Q: Will the explosions throw players around like in UT3?

A: Yes some of the larger explosions will, but not all explosions.

Q: Does that mean we'll be able to wall-jump with some explosions?

A: No.

Q: Will we be able to spectate at any time like in UT3?

A: Definitely not in clan games. We might just restrict it entirely to replays only; and for server mods/admins if we can.

Q: Will the alternate characters be available? If yes, will any of them have bonuses like powersuit armor that actually does stuff or Raveshaw healing in Tiberium?

A: Alternate characters will not be in the initial releases. They might come later, but due to the higher graphical capabilities of UT3 it wouldn't be as simple as a texture swap because we would want to make an entirely new detail model for each alternate.

And no the alternate characters would not get any bonuses as this was not in Renegade.

Q: When flying aircraft reach 0HP, will they blow up mid-air like in Renegade? Or will the fall to the ground and explode?

A: They'll crash and burn like aircraft in UT3.

Q: Will servers have the option to enable/disable parachutes?

A: Maybe. Renegade server operators came up with many many little enhancements/tweaks/variations/goodies and we haven't come up with a complete list of which ones we want to include as server-side options.

Q: Will names of enemies only be displayed if you target them or hit them?

A: We're doing names the same way that they were done in Renegade.

Q: Has the dev team considered making a "Tiberian sun -Firestorm" mod for UT3 after finishing Renegade X?

A: We're not planning on anything specific until Renegade X is finished.

Q: Will you fix the weird looking animation thing from Renegade where you disarm a beacon at the last second and the nuke missile disappears or the Ion Cannon beam just shuts off?

A: We're not going to start the attack animation until after the 30 second timer is over so nothing disappears.

----------Currently Unanswered Questions----------

Q: Will undriven vehicles crush infantry when pushed by explosions/other vehicles?

A: Dead hulks can, if they're going fast enough or fall on top of you (among other 'special conditions' ;) , but I don't know about neutral still-alive vehicles. Leaving this in "unanswered"

Q: Will people who have died still stop bullits? Meaning if they fly around (in pieces or as a whole body) be able to stop rockets and bullits?

Q: Will the little mini-beams on the Ion Cannon that drag inwards to the center do damage?

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Simple Answer: Yes

More detail- The maps will obviously get a huge graphical overhaul - technically many more polygons and much better textures. We'll also add in some more details. For example, on City Flying we're planning that you'll be able to enter the actual offices and stuff.

Titan's already started remaking Walls_Flying.. you'll probably be hearing more about that soon.

Of course we'll also be making our own maps as well.

Very good question, it'll go in the main post.

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Q1: What enhancement will we see in C&C mode?

Q2: Will the mod feature any new game-modes?

Q3: Will the mod feature a single player campaign?

Q3.1: If yes, GDI and Nod both or only one faction?

Q4: What additions in terms of units and buildings will we see? New infantry? New Vehicles? New Buildings?

Q5: (kind of like the previous) Will we see Tiberium Silos, The Temple Of Nod, Communication Centers, (usable) SSM Launchers and Visceroids?What about the Concept Art Renegade Orca Land Truck?

More when i think of them smile.gif

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Q1: What enhancement will we see in C&C mode?

In the original game, the engine had pretty crap netcoding so it was difficult for people to play in big servers. One of the major improvements to C&C mode is the good UE3 netcode. According to Gamespot testers, the frames per second in Unreal Tournament 3 rarely go down, even in the heap of a battle.

Also to consider is that UT3 maps are really big, and the maps and units are very high in polygons. Our maps will generally be smaller than UT3 maps, and our units will generally be a bit smaller in polycount than UT3 units.

In short, an enhancement to the C&C mode is more players - imagine playing at a 40 and 50 player server with no significant fps drop. Of course in order to play this game at a server that high you should have a good computer.

Q2: Will the mod feature any new game-modes?

Yes the mod will feature game modes... we don't have an official list right now, but we'll probably use some of Unreal Tournament 3's game modes for Renegade 2007. And maybe some of the game modes Westwood planned for the original game.

Q3: Will the mod feature a single player campaign?

It'll feature only a multiplayer mode, single player mode would take a heck of a long time. As most people gathered, Renegade's heart is in the multiplayer and that's the only reason why it's still around today.

Q4: What additions in terms of units and buildings will we see? New infantry? New Vehicles? New Buildings?

Q5: (kind of like the previous) Will we see Tiberium Silos, The Temple Of Nod, Communication Centers, (usable) SSM Launchers and Visceroids?What about the Concept Art Renegade Orca Land Truck?

You'll mostly just see the units introduced in Renegade, however we'll probably be throwing in more content for custom maps.

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Originally posted by Sparrowhawk

Yeah no offense with the work you guys are doing but wouldn't it be better to get everything else done and then in a post v1 make vehicle interiors? Since they would take a bit longer and be useless mostly tongue.gif

I don't think he means like whole interior of the tanks just that you look out of the tanks from the inside, like in BF and the like, might make it easier to aim precise sometimes i think

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Well having the buildings come tumbling down creates quite a few problems.

Firstly, respawn points. Im pretty sure its hard to respawn under the rubble of a destroyed building. Even if somehow the respawn points are taken away (which would require some unnecessary scripting), the buildings a player can spawn in is less. Imagine if you only had one building left, a couple good guys from the other team can do A LOT of killing if they know exactly where players will be coming from.

Secondly is the purchase terminals... these are scripted windows, and again would take a chunk of work to make these disapear.

Thirdly, destroyed buildings are still used as a strategic outpost for the defending team. Many times I've been on City Flying, where we'd only has a barracks left. I'd ask the players to get good anti-vehicle units and perch themselves in high, strategic locations, including destroyed buildings.

Fourthly, they are a strategic outpost for the apposing team. Again, on City Flying, stealth tanks can reach a destroyed Weapons Factory without being hit by the AGT. Since they use it as a "barrier", they can make their way to the refinery, or even the powerplant, without being hit much. If the buildings collapsed, you wouldn't be able to do reach certain places in the enemy base when defenses are up.

Not to mention, destroyed buildings are the perfect places to hide in/by if you're alone in an enemy base with a sniper, or a nuke.

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APB is planing on doing something where like half a buildings collapse, but then the rest may be even more ideal for cover with some shoot holes out maybe, you could use it like that way (I know it is another engine but if the can do it on renegade engine why not on UT3 then)

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Originally posted by Proudy

Will buildings and vehicles have different camos depending the level? Like snow and ice on them for wintery maps, green camo and mud/dirt for maps like Field and so on.... ?

most likely snow maps will have some snow around buildings and on top of them

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Nope, UT2004 runs on the UE2 engine. (which is redundant because I'm saying Unreal Engine 2 engine lol tongue.gif) We're talking about UT2007 (which recently got renamed to Unreal Tournament 3) which runs on the newer UE3 engine, and will be released this summer hopefully if it doesn't get delayed.

As for Tiberium fields, they'll be a mix between Renegade, C&C3, and the original Command & Conquer (Tiberian Dawn). They'll have C&C pods, with a Renegade-ish ground texture, and those vein things at the base of the pods like in Tiberium Wars.

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UT2004 already has a number of very good anti-cheat applications that are far superior to RenGuard (no offense BH Studios tongue.gif) including one that will ban a cheater on ALL servers running it if he/she gets banned from one server.

UT3 should also have some good software that we aim to use.

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Originally posted by liquidv2

if there's a lot more detail and everything looks really nice then won't the game slow down a whole lot? :? i'll be fine, but if other peoples' video cards are weak then will the game lag a lot lol

hmm, now I think for just having UT3 on your comp the requirement will most likely be higher than renegades, and i even think they said somewhere that the models is bit lower poly than the original UT3 models

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Keeping in mind that Renegade was released about 6 or 7 years ago I believe, the technology advances and increase in computer specs have been incredible. Therefore the extra detail will be easily dealt with by a more modern machine. We're also not going over the top with the poly counts to keep the range of players as wide as possible.

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Yes, UT3 is a top of the line game running on a top of the line engine. But if it is as flexible as UT2004 then it can run decently on some slightly older machines, but not at max settings. (UT2004 runs fine on my old rig that only has a 64MB GeForce4MX and 512MB of RAM) But needless to say, if you want it to look good you'll need a mid-high to high-end gaming rig.

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I feel I should I add that UT2004 could run at mid to high detail on my (very old - and now dead sad.gif ) rig;

Socket 478 (none of your fancy EM64 dual cores) P4 2.0 Ghz

768 MB SDRAM (Not even DDR) @ 133Mhz

AGP 4X bus (half the speed of AGP 8X, which in turn is easily less than half the speed of PCI-E X16)

ATA133 HDD (No SATA drives either)

ATI Radeon 9550 512 MB (the only thing in there worth more than ?70 lol)

So, you should be fine on any PC dating from '03 really.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Well like in Renegade almost any vehicle will have a passenger seat. The driver will have the ability to give him control of the gun if he wants.

But we didn't want to add machineguns at the top of tanks for passengers, because the imbalances the vehicles. For example, a Med tank should be used as an anti-tank vehicle, and its weakness is infantry, since they're a smaller target. That's balance, and it'll be kept that way

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