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Renegade-X 0.5 Server Online


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Why not we made a day where everyone can play?

Perhaps? 28 of this month? Eastern Countries are 1 day faster. Malaysia.

Why not we make a list who from which country and the time?

For the mean time only

( Oh great, forget the Renegade-X installer only got Renegade-X IP D: )\

Who is playing anyway? I meant now?

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We need to get some people and play, seriously, this server is empty for 24/7 D:

Hey. Yeah I would love to come play this game again! unfortunately i dont have Unreal Tournament 3 tho ... im guessing there are alot of people out there like me.. so that could be to do with not having many people on the servers. Nice and easy to download Renagade-X and what have you... but HAVE TO HAVE Unreal tournament 3 that sucks. I dont have Unreal tournament 3. It sucks because I remember playing and really enjoying this game on 'Gamespy' servers with afew guys here on this site and they were great guys.

Only thing is im not sure if I want to buy Unreal Tournament 3 I played the Demo and I didnt really enjoy it.. as for Command and conquer ONLINE was amazing!!!!

I have palyed the demo of renagade-x in Single player .. (by-myself) and this looks really really good. Im thankful we have dedicated people who love this game and have great skills and spending thier time to do this.

should I just go buy Unreal Tournament 3 to play Renagade-x.. cos now i cant play against anyone online No one on gamespy and cant play renagde-x :(

I have read something about Renagde -x will be like a stand-alone Game sometime and wont need to have Unreal Tournament 3... Then I read that it wont be stane-alone because of legal stuff. which is true?

what should I do?

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  • Totem Arts Staff

well if you do not have UT3 how have you played RenegadeX beta (demo ?) in sigal player ?

yes the dev team is porting over to the UDK witch will make the game standalone ... about the legal stuff as im lead to beleve is that EA have let Totem Arts (the dev team) make a total remake of renegade i would imagen that that can use what ever engine thay like to do so.

the UDK multiplayer virsion will not be out for a wile yet but there is coming a sigal player mission called Black Dawn as an exobision of how that play to imploment all the UDK feachers in to RenegadeX

as for what you should do well its up to you, online play is amazing when there players lol but as the server list is down you dont know when players are in :(

Ut3 is a good game and there are lots of mods for it just have a look on moddb

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FYI...a valve program (Steam) or somewhat connected to valve....They had the Unreal Tournament pack for around $30 last winter (on sale). Came with all the unreal series..Unreal 2004, the original one...and I think unreal tournament 3 came with it as well...not sure

off topic...but you can buy that and Unreal Tournament 3 separate on Steam if you are too lazy to drive to store .. hahaha

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  • Totem Arts Staff

umm you need the latest UT3 patch 2.1 (patch 5) and helps to have the tittan pack too

UT3 Patch 2.1 (patch 5)

Tatan Pack

you should see this menudfb_patch_menu.png

may be a diffrent character but you need to see the Carbon fiber looking menu and it will say v2.1 unlike this 1 that says v2.0

click instant action and you will see renegade mode

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I brought UT3 just to play Ren X. Ive have played UT3 demo and didnt like it much, and now i have full game I still dont play it. Been online acouple of times...... hmmm. I really like C&C and brought this game purely becasue of Ren-X. I got advised on these forums to buy it so i could play. which I now wish waited for the stand alone version. cos i cant play

gay gay gay happy happy happy

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  • Totem Arts Staff

We're working on something as you speak. Be patient with us - a lot of us started up with university and college again, so our time is limited. But don't let that fool you; there is a lot happening behind the scenes you will soon be aware of. The hotfix will address the frontend issue and a few other things, we're working on packing a few more things into it, to prevent it from being just a "hotfix".

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