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I Hereby Announce My Second Retirement


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Time to ride off into the sunset again—I gave it another go but it’s not the same without the old timers who’ve done passed on.  Pour one out for Tytonium, for Plotting Raccoon, for Reaper and Poi, for Yosh56, for Sarah and Euan, for Roweboat (what an aim?), for Irish Medic, for Quin3y, for Angry Scientist (what a dick), brojoe and joebro, rups, ryz, snips, syntharn, for smarthyena, for too sexy for my love, for Coolaids aka Raptorman………and of course…..FOR SHPETIM

I hope I made the game a little bit worse for all of you, and all the others I can’t remember anymore….   Maybe Sarah will finish City-X before this game finally dies—

PS—I’m taking my catchphrases with me—no one is aloud to use them, especially NOD CANT FINISH


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