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Renegade X: Patch 5.78.640 - Patch Notes

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"Ho Ho Ho, Commander!"

We've reached the end of 2023, which means our annual Winter Season Event has arrived! Snow has fallen again in 5 of our maps and we're glad to release this just before the Holiday season starts. Santa Claus has also brought us a lot of new voicelines for all characters for us to enjoy!











| Balance |

  • Guard Tower:
    • Increased the range to match the range of the Turret
  • Engineer:
    • Increased the armour from 75 to 100
  • Repair Gun (Engineer):
    • Increased the range from 600 to 750

| Quality of Life |

  • Q-Spotting defences should now mention what building they're closest to (to indicate which Turret needs repairs f.e.)
  • Variant maps should no longer appear more regular than they used to (e.g. If you end a round of Field, then Field X should not appear in the vote list)


  • Adv. Guard Tower:
    • Updated the exterior model with a smaller antenna, which was causing a lot of issues regarding Base-2-Base'ing for map creators

| Audio |

  • Characters will now say something when they've discovered a vehicle from a crate. (courtesy from @dr.Mobius)

| Maps |

  • Arctic Stronghold:
    • Fixed multiple bugs regarding rock climbing and bypassing the map boundaries
  • Field:
    • Replaced with Field - Winter
    • Fixed being able to climb the small rocks between the Barracks and Refinery and hop on the wall blocking the back of the Refinery
  • Field X:
    • Updated the invisible walls for the outer vehicle route
    • Added tiny slopes on Nod's outer vehicle route so that AT-Infantry have a chance to take cover
    • Removed the Turret next to the Hand of Nod
    • Removed the Communications Centre
    • Overhauled the outer route for both factions
  • Forest:
    • Replaced with Forest - Winter
  • HeXmountain:
    • Switched back to X-mountain
  • Lakeside:
    • Replaced with Lakeside - Winter
  • Reservoir:
    • Replaced with Reservoir - Winter
    • Fixed a bug regarding rock climbing behind the Nod Power Plant
    • Adjusted the GDI Tiberium Harvest location to be actually inside the Tiberium Field
  • Steppe:
    • Fixed a bug regarding rock climbing and bypassing the map boundaries
    • Fixed bots automatically joining the game (even when the bot amount is set to 0 in the Skirmish menu)
  • Toxicity:
    • Both Repair Facilities will now mention if it's under attack
  • Walls:
    • Replaced with Walls - Winter
  • Whiteout:
    • Fixed being able to climb the larger boulders next to the Weapons Factory with a MRLS


| SDK |

  • Added the Humvee from OG Renegade as a drivable vehicle


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