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This is my first map so I decided to keep things small and simple and created a TDM map. 

Some map info:

Infantry only

Many weapon pickups 

1 Crate

Scattered Health, Ammo and Armor pickups

No Base defenses

No purchase terminals


Since this is my first map I'm sure there may be some issues that need to be ironed out so don't hesitate to report bugs or leave feedback!










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Finally made my way back to this map to update a few things.

-Added 2 windows on the top floor and increased their size so players can jump out of them. (Will update the 1st floor windows next time around)
-Changed ramjets to Silenced snipers 
-Updated weapon locations and removed shotguns since players can spawn with them.
-Removed vehicles from spawning from the crate
-Added moving cars in the background of the city

Unfortunately while trying to fix up the package for "GenCorp" I ended up having a couple of files mix in with that maps package. So the "GenUrban" file in the download is for that reason. I'll be sure the fix that in the next update.
The moving around of weapons also included making any duplicates be the same instead of having say a nod silenced sniper and a gdi silenced sniper. This should help with inventory issues if you happen to pick up quite a bit of weapons. I have considered lowering the amount of weapons to make things easier for inventory but I'm not sure if people would want that or not. Also, if so, I'd be interested to hear people's opinions on which weapons to remove.
Odanert, thanks for the feedback. I at first a while back thought making it so people could jump out of the windows might be a problem but eventually decided it would be fine. Problem was I forgot to actually make the windows bigger.😅 Also, I'm not too sure why you aren't able to jump on top of those boxes, I made sure to give it a try even on a new install of RenX and didn't have any issues. I'm curious to know if anyone else has ran into a similar problem. Hopefully if you are still having this problem the updated version will fix it.
I'm also putting up another TDM map in "works in progress" so feel free to check it out.


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