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Whats the MOST number of active servers we have ever had?


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19 hours ago, Snow. said:

wow so many servers and active players... that must have been a great time

It was, my memories of Crashing on map change follow me to this day :D

Jokes aside, it was so cool back then to see so many familiar names as well as new names, getting to know folks, and getting to work and compete with others. Tested my bot on St0rm, EKT, TmX, my own server, got to know all the folks in those places, it was fun. It was also perhaps the most stressful year of my life, so having a fun distraction and getting to know many awesome people was very welcome.

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As time marched on multiple servers with a lot of players kept going until the game servers almost annually were starting to get DDoS'd and that created a quite an impact, those who looked into it found out it was DDoS attacks however those who didn't may have assumed the server stability was just too poor to keep playing. 

The last time we started getting two fully active servers going, yet another DDoS attack occurred and this ensured no more than one server could remain active. In-fighting and drama and saltiness and poor player behaviours have deterred players from sticking around but these are normal in any game community, but in all likeliness and more importantly, free-to-play AAA games have had a considerable knock'on effect over these past few years towards maintaining an active player population.

It's good to see one active server for longer than 12 hours currently, small steps but as a community we're pushing forward and slowly regaining active numbers. The RenX community's perseverance knows no bounds and I reckon the player-count may continue to steadily climb back up across all hours, two servers running at a time is steadily increasing in chance too. 

There's also an NA server as well as EU servers to play on currently, the RenX community can engage in more consistent plays and the game itself has been nicely patched for the most part.

In the past few years, maximum of 2 servers [outside of seasonal times] - before these past few years? See above.


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