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Idea: Zombie mode with Tiberium mutants


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buttons mentioned this and I thought it was a great idea. Would anyone be interested in a zombie apocalypse map/gamemode?  Maybe just a modifier on maps that spawns AI controlled tiberian mutants near the mid section borders of a map that are hostile towards both GDI and Nod.




^^^ lol these are the OG Renegade mutants.




^^^ and this is teh visceroid


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@vandal If I had it my way he'd be on Nod's roster as an alternate skin for the normal Raveshaw, although that brings up question: is there anyway to choose alternate skins in Ren X's purchase menu, like you could in OG Renegade? I miss Mobius power suit alternate skin too.

But back to the topic, the other idea was all human players are on the same team versus the AI swarms of mutants. Thing is that sounds like it would be more difficult to do than a modifier, because the game is designed with the two factions, so there'd have to be a new interface made up and everything.

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