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CnC-Eyes - A long, rocky journey


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Hey all, it me your best friend DaKuja!

Joking aside, after almost 5 years of development of CnC-Eyes as well as part of this community I would like to thank everyone with this post.

But before I just say thank you, I would like to give a short summary for all of you who don't know this story yet.

CnC-Eyes was created as a very spontaneous idea and because of the overwhelming release of the SDK of Renegade X.
Full of motivation and creativity I started to put wild stones on and next to each other. Quickly I had a rough idea of a layout in mind and continued with my work. I "documented" my steps in the forum.

It took almost a year until the first "more serious" version of the map was released.
At the beginning, the selection of playable cards was limited, the more motivated I was to enlarge this selection with CnC-Eyes.
The name also originated at this time, because the basic layout corresponded to the image of eyes.

Until Jan. 2018 it was a long way. Many versions were released and the vision of CnC-Eyes could be sharpened more and more by nerve-strong testers and the community.
Then on Jan 30 Eyes was added to the official map selection with one of his latest major updates. 

But Eyes only reached its peak in 2019!
 In the period from 22/02/2019 to 27/07/2019 CnC-Eyes was ranked 4th with 350 Played Times [Total] of the most played maps besides 38 others. 
With only 15 played times less Eyes already scratched to the top 3. 

Thanks to @Fffreak9999 to provide those numbers :

And here we now.. CnC-Eyes is keep running and struggeling with bugs .. since existence of this Map but this won't stop the Map being itself!

At this point I finally would like to thank :

- Totem Arts which has not only created a great game reimagine the original C&C Renegade from 2000 and with the release of an SDK's giving ambitious and creative minds the chance to create maps,mutators and everything. They also supported me personally, provided me with servers for testing, answered questions and sacrificed their free time for so many problems while development. 

- The Renegade X community who hated, loved and most of all played the map. 

I want especially say thank you to the "Testing Squad" who have been very active in supporting me over the entire development and making CnC-Eyes what it is today and maybe always will be. - We have looked into the maw of madness and yet we are still here and do not give up! -

But at the End everyone made his part somehwere and somehow to make this happen, thank you all.


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1 hour ago, DaKuja said:

CnC-Eyes is keep running and struggeling with bugs .

There's always a random floating rock or pebble or patch of grass here and there, would not call them "bugs" though, and the map brought hours and hours of fun gameplay for us, so thank you very much for that! :D 

Looking forward to your Next Project, keep up the good work! ;) 

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  • Totem Arts Staff

I remember play testing Eyes when the ground was still half purple and white! It's a great map with alot of uniqueness and really plays to the games strengths.

It was cool watching the map change and evolve too. And who doesn't love getting stuck in rocks? =D


PS. RIP Glasses =(

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Thank you, DaKuja, for all your hard work in bringing us Eyes! And thanks, as you have said, to the testers who have helped refine it into what it is today! The hard work of every one of you has paid off in creating what I view as one of the greatest maps Renegade X will probably ever have (it is my personal favorite).

A thank you to all community mappers who have helped shape Renegade X into what it is in their own ways.


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  • Totem Arts Staff

It started off as a crappy map (as in usage of meshes, materials, post-processing etc.) But with lots of improvements over the years it became one of the best maps there is at the moment! And thanks for making this map so we discovered there was a bug with the Obelisk / AGT that made the game crash lol. You've done well!


Sooooo.... when are you going to improve Glasses? :P


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I really enjoy this map if it has a large enough number of players, else it's quite a ball ache, especially if team co-op is hard to achieve in the public game. Thanks for making the map and asking and responding to feedback after release, there must be a lot of lost maps due to not developing them beyond release point based on how many later disappear from the vote selection.

Did you make any of the other maps, or do you ever intend to make another one?

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  • Totem Arts Staff

it isn't worth to do a whole new lightning build for that

Except turrets and stationary defenses that doesn't count as necessary buildings are vehicles. Vehicles are dynamic object for which a lighting (and not 'lightning'. That's like the electric shock that comes from the sky 🙃) build is not necessary.

But that'll require a new update though

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