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Bugs Observed 5.390


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Yay I think this patch actually fixed more bugs than it made =D

Outposts: Harvester pathing apparently broken on GDI

(only observed Outpost, didn't test other maps). - Character model not interacting with air tower elevator properly (I think Reservoir had this feature built in previously? maybe look to that map for correcting if issues on other maps)


...that's all for now...

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Radio commands keybinds removed from settings, keybinds stay the same as you previously set it (which were made not compatible with crouch/walk buttons then) with no way to change it besides editing the config file.

Vehicles (inf too maybe idr) no longer show colored repair icon when you are an engi/hottie unless they radio command request repairs.

Green colored spotted enemies are just weird. Same color as commander / waypoint icons. Green usually means something good, not bad like an enemy. Rather use a more brighter/thicker green or something else (just my opinion)

Edit: may be unrelated to 5.390 specifically but changing volume slider and pressing esc will apply the volume untill next time settings open. For example: putting eva to 0% will make you stope hearing her and cabal untill you open the settings again. Edit 2: oh and can we finally fix the setting the volume slider to lets say 20%, save and reopen settings to see volume at 19%. Set to 21%, save and see it stayed on 21. My OCD is dying

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  • Totem Arts Staff
45 minutes ago, Fffreak9999 said:

I'll look at it tonight.

I have the editor opened right now so I can take a quick look at it too if you don't mind. Also investigating the vehicle issue which commit in our SVN is the cause of the bug

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Another bug:

As commander, it seems we can direct the harvester waypoint to be almost anywhere (if not an error message pops up, "Harvester cannot reach that point"). if the harvester waypoint is somewhere the harvester can't drive, the harvester will get as close as possible.

Currently, when setting the waypoint to seemingly okay spots, the harvester will stop, but when trying to start it again, the same error message "Harvester cannot reach that point" comes up, and only solution is to self-destruct harvester and remove waypoint or start harvester.


observed on multiple maps, under, field X, goldrush - im sure all of them D=

UDK (Unreal Development Kit) based games 10.15.2019 -

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Yeah, it was a total derp on my end. However, I can give you this.

Until the next patch occurs try doing the following :

1. Set up another viable waypoint somewhere far away from the Harvy's current position, but still mostly accessible
2. Immediately afterwards, try starting the Harvy

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Ok, got something weird.

Yesterday I reconnected twice (because some issue).
First I came on the enemy team 
After the second time I left the game, rejoined
Switched back to my original team
K/D was still there, money was still there, my points were gone

Not that it really matters to me, but I guess this is some kind of bug :).

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