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Please enable vote for humans vs bot mode


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I would like it if we could vote to enable a humans vs bots mode.  When in this mode, all existing human players would be placed on one side.  All joining human players would also join this by default.    Players could vote to exit mode when enough players are present.

This might be useful late at night when servers are low..  .

The great work that has been done to improve bots should be respected and utilized

Are bots the new training ground ?  ?

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support late night USA action
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  • Totem Arts Staff
On 8/16/2019 at 9:26 PM, Handepsilon said:

Trying to think of a way to detect mines without killing the performance atm, this might not be on the next update lol

As for human vs. Bots, it's a possibility, but since our factions are assymmetrical, it would be trickier

Someone make a specific map that is GDI vs GDI or Nod vs Nod =D

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