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Walls Only


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Walls is the greatest Renegade map ever made and I'd like to shake the hand of the person who invented it originally.


That being said, I propose the idea of having a Walls only day, perhaps once a month on the most popular servers (FPI & CT). Maybe like the last Monday of every month.


Walls, Walls, Walls all around!! =D


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  • Totem Arts Staff
17 hours ago, Fffreak9999 said:

Map data from a couple of weeks ago.


That's really interesting! Hmmm...


I mean the map itself has to be the most symmetrical of all, does this indicate a problem in balance then? 

Just a thought.

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Guest once upon the time

Since I have to contradict you unfortunately, SBH's have been synonymous with the old beats and stanks too.
Also in the old betas it was advisable to have patrols in the GDI base.
What has had a very negative effect on the whole game is that every Char can now buy a repair tool.
In the past, SBH rushes had to be more coordinated (mines GDI Base), as at least one SBH got a free flight.
The point for me is clearly the buyable repair tool.

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But the unit that still allows this tactic is the SBH, since as before, you still need dedicated base defenders constantly on the prowl to find the SBHs using this tool.

You won't see many Soldiers or Rocket Troopers running in with a repair tool with success (post early game rushes) compared to SBHs using it.

And even before the repair tool was introduced, you just needed to sacrifice a SBH to the mines and have 3-4 SBH chuck timed C4 on the MCT, and when you take into account, that 3 or 4 SBH can easily kill 2+ defenders reacting to the Timed normally, with their powerful laser weaponry, they are in a much stronger position than most Hotwires/Engineers.

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Guest once upon the time

I did not say that SBH's are weaker and that they can kill 2 Defenders (Hottie / Engie) quite easily (depends on the level of the players).
The main question is really how a map that had an excellent balance, this imbalance has emerged.
Repair Tool? More damage from SBH? etc.
The map itself has been very well balanced in the past, so things have changed in terms of gameplay, resulting in this imbalance.
This question can be synonymous with the old maps that previously could show a possibly better balance.
I do not know any statistics from the old maps with the new gameplay, maybe it would be interesting.
Thanks for your feedback freak.

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Walls has often been swings and roundabouts depending on balance, but in a situation where both teams are "equal",

Nod often has an easier time, because infiltration is far easier compared to GDI's infiltration tactics.

GDI used to lay down a high amount of vehicle pressure using Medium tanks and Mammoths. But when the Commander abilities were introduced,

Nod were able to lock down GDI vehicles far easier.


Another map that should be "balanced", look at Snow. Nod has a VERY high win rate due to the abundance of credits and the availability of EMP effects through Commander powers and LCG EMPs.

Now all of the above factors mean little if co-ordination isn't taken into account.


But in general: GDI often has better luck in large plains with a lot of choke points compared to entry paths, due to their vehicle strength. Nod succeeds where there is very few chokes or many entrances, and their fragile nature make them good at hit and run, but not in a slug-fest. 

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