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  1. Gex_str


    SDK doesn't come with maps, you have to extract them out of actual game. Path to maps: Renegade X\UDKGame\CookedPC\Maps\RenX
  2. UDK version of FS is still in development(hopefully will be done this year). UE5 version will enter its development after release of UDK one. Generally it's easier to get notified on current situation on Discord.
  3. Note: Purchase Terminal will be unusable unless one connects the mouse or simulates it(no, left and right sticks do nothing there, as PT wasn't programmed to support controllers). Also heavily recommend to rebind controls, since some stuff like Ability button aren't binded by default.
  4. Try to find someone who would dedicate their time to making all those cosmetic changes while they're already busy with another project entirely(getting UDK FS out). Also map is from like 2020, so one had more than enough time to complain about it when there was workforce available.
  5. In Renegade X/UDKGame/Logs there are log files which contain info about entire session. When crash allows game to close properly it will also have error at the end. Note: this kind of stuff is better to be posted at "Technical Support" thread.
  6. We've been there already(C&C Remasters wave), it sticked for a month and returned back to how it is these days. With lack of cohesive tutorial("How to Play" screen is nice beginning, but it can only do so much) and/or unique map for testing various things, new players will continue to join a match, get confused at what the hell is happening and then either stick slightly longer, ask people what to do/how everything works or just leave. Also something something they see that most matches turn into meatgrinders that they may have seen in other games and already know how boring it will be.
  7. https://wiki.totemarts.games/wiki/Console includes RenX-specific commands as well as most commonly used ones from base UDK. https://docs.unrealengine.com/udk/Three/ConsoleCommands.html includes all UDK commands, but majority of them are for debugging purposes.
  8. You would need to make a mutator(read: mod), which will have to run on a server, so it's either everyone will have to listen to these sounds or no one.
  9. There's a reality somewhere, where we are all happy. A perfect one... ...perfection isn't always a possibilty. Maybe.
  10. Gex_str

    Ingame voices

    SDK has all files, including sounds. There you can extract sounds as WAV files(raw sound file). After that you can convert them into any other sound type with anything you want.
  11. I have few thoughts on how it may be resolved, but first I would need log files, they can be found at Renegade X\UDKGame\Logs. If it's possible, we can move whole fixing to RenX Discord server(#support channel) since it's much easier than talking on forums.
  12. Don't forget that there's still no way besides asking people or looking into ini files directly to know which button combination open vote menu. Here's yet another reminder that "Vote" button in pause menu still doesn't do anything.
  13. Burning summer needs some hot music and a new game in my collection has one!
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