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About of some desired new features in the game


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Thanks for the game (a series of games) developers, ranging from the studio Westwood, of course.

In the Renegade X I would like to see the following several features and combat units.

I understand that in the 10 years of the game’s existence, much has already been proposed and discussed, but maybe something will turn out to be new and interesting to be realized. So:

1) in the maps with a large water surface include swimming vehicles: NOD minisubmarine (from C&C Renegade), transport Hovercraft (C&C Tiberian Dawn and Renegade), Gunboat (C&C Tiberian Dawn and Renegade); allow the NOD APC to swim (see C&C Tiberian Sun: this requires drawing water propellers), but GDI APC have a non-floating design; allow move over the water to the bonus hover and wade, if not deep, to the bonus Titan. Of course, you need to keep the overall balance of power;

2) enable the ability to purchase each side of one Mobile rocket launcher (C&C Renegade or an analogue of the Soviet V2 rocket from the C&C Red Alert, or the NOD Rocket launcher from the C&C Tiberian Sun, but with a non-nuclear head and smaller size) with a tactical ballistic missile tip (not a cruise - there is no place for flight) on the target indication by a laser beam by infantry, only by a commander or a beacon. Rocket is bought by Purchase terminal. The rocket launcher can be destroyed and re-purchased as a vehicle, it can be moved to a new location (decides by the commander), shooting is possible only in the unfolded state (retractable supports), which impede the mobility of the vehicle. For infantry use, a beam is directed (at that time the previously purchased rocket appears on the Launcher), the launch of the rocket is initiated with delay, the rocket goes to the top point of the ballistic orbit, turns around to the surface, searches for the target (here you don’t need beam, you can go) and the target should be hit. If the signal is lost (for example, the pointer was killed), the rocket self-destructs at the corresponding point of the trajectory. The reloading of the rocket launcher requires playing time (the reloading machine, like for the rest of the vehicles, is excluded). Rocket deals non-critical damage to main buildings and critical damage to non-main buildings and critical damage to vehicles and infantry;

3) in the absence of the Construction Yard, to include the purchased Mobile Construction Yard into the game for the opportunity to restore main and non-main buildings a limited number of times due to the final stock of building materials or an unlimited number of times, but with limited speed (or you can propagate repair robot - see p. 11). For the first option, materials can be purchased and dropped from the plane or helicopter upon purchase. For the second option, repair is slow or impossible in the absence of a Power Plant. Repair is the restoration of a main and non-main building or the restoration of a previously completely destroyed main and non-main building. You can limit the set of restored or erected main and non-main buildings;

4) APC NOD and GDI to upgrade by buying additional 30-mm or 57-mm (or other) cannon and/or rocket launcher, like the bonus Light Tank. These options may become available when the player is upgraded (Veterancy Ranks) or available to everyone at once. Modernization of a not purchased or already purchased vehicle is made through the Purchase terminal.

The adding a machine gun to a Medium Tank is a actual plus;

5) real tanks can fire missiles through the barrel – this feature can be added as an option to purchase, for example, for a Light and Medium Tank or to be available at a certain player level (Veterancy Ranks);

6) include engineering fences in the game, for example, barbed wire which is installed by Engineers and Technicians/Hotwires or any infantry by a Repair Gun. The barrier is seen and shot through, destroyed by any vehicle. An obstacle 11 m long and 1 m high (bay 10 kg) is carried by an Engineer and a Technician/Hotwires (the weight is the same for both), installation and dismantling take the same time. New barbed wire is bought through the Purchase terminal;

7) allow the Recon Bike to climb wide stairs and pass between nearby obstacles;

8) in the maps with Flying option add mobile anti-aircraft vehicles. For NOD and GDI use different designs: 4-barrel cannon and double-barreled cannon-rocket. The forum already has concepts of units;

9) add a purchased rear blade for the Artillery or retractable supports (C&C Tiberian Sun): in the expanded state, this will increase the firing range, but will temporarily make it impossible to move;

10) include bonus infantry: Tanya and Volkov (C&C Red Alert) – anti-personnel units, double-hand high rate of fire in Tanya, high destructive power shot in Volkov, the possibility of undermining a building with a single bomb – or others;

11) introduce automation of repair of main and non-main buildings, vehicles and infantry – repair robots (C&C Tiberian Sun) with the ability to set an action algorithm: repair in the desired position (Hold Position), patrol and repair along the route (Patrol & Repair), following a specified unit (Follow & Repair). Repair robot bought by any player;

12) allow passengers in vehicles to mark enemies at a certain range;

13) allow passengers shooting of some weapons from APC and Humvee, buggy;

14) include infantry units of the Forgotten race (C&C Tiberian Sun) on certain maps (Toxic map, etc.). Character change is made through a Crates or in a special building like shacks in the C&C Tiberian Sun, in which there is a special Purchase terminal;

15) apply the concept of "half life" to calculate the damage. In a real battle, infantry with small arms can damage equipment and buildings. For example, if an Rifle infantry fires on a mammoth tank, he will inflict 50 points of damage from the total 1,300, but cannot inflict damage below 1,250 even if there are 100 people. Similarly with other heavy vehicles and buildings;

16) enable Mobile sensor array (C&C Tiberian Sun), which will show the location of ground, air (and flood) vehicles in the coverage area, but will not show infantry (?).


See you on the battlefield.

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1. I like this one. No war is complete without navy.

2. It would make some vehicles redundant.

3. It was a bad idea in Interim Apex.

4. Machine guns on Medium tanks please.

5. The M2 Light tank can already do that. Plus, this would make Mammoths look less special.

6. I like this one. I've been hoping this would happen for a long time.

7. we have bikes??

8. I would only give Nod a Recon Bike. GDI can stick to their MLRS and Mammoth tank.

9. Or increase its armor.

10. We already have bonus infantry. If we are to have another, I want The Terminator or John Rambo.

11. Not a bad idea.

12. Agree.

13. Agree.

14. I don't think it fits the game.

15. Rifle Infantry are already bad against tanks. I don't think they need another nerf.

16. Encourages people to be lazy.

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On 12/23/2018 at 2:10 PM, 408th said:

14) include infantry units of the Forgotten race (C&C Tiberian Sun) on certain maps (Toxic map, etc.)

This would require an map specific mutator and I'd prefer to have an Renegade Visceroid more than anything tbh, 50/50 chance that a tiberium death would spawn Visceroid bot 

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