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Fair Play Inc - Rules / Updates


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By logging into official FPI channels (inside and outside of the server) you agree to follow the rules below, and understand that by failing to do so will result in actions taken against you in accordance with the disciplinary procedure detailed below.

As a community server, it is our job to fairly uphold the safety, well being and fairness of the server. I have drafted out the disciplinary procedure for anyone caught breaking the rules and / or breaching the peace. As of today, the following Procedure  will be taking effect.

The server rules

We are not completely heartless. If an honest mistake is made, the FPI team can be quite forgiving, a bit of commonsense goes a long way and 9 times out of 10 a simple warning is all it takes. These rules are not designed to make your life difficult, they are designed to keep the server clean, healthy and fun.

  • Harassment - Direct insults / threats (aka harassment) aimed at another player will be treated as an offense (we define this as: Knowingly sending the user(s) intimidating and/or provoking material i.e. "Fuck you Dan" -- we only enforce action if the other user aka "the victim" asks us to do so, 'jokes' in such a manner are allowed, but not encouraged and will be investigated by us if the 'victim' fails to see the remark as a joke. We allow swearing, but try to tone it down if every word coming out is a cuss then we may ask you to take it down a notch.

  • Team Hampering -  Doing anything to damage your teams effects. e.g. giving away tanks, overmining, giving away vital info to other team and blocking beacons  -- to name a few. We are a bit more forgiving to new players or for honest mistakes, but more serious or repeat offenses will be delt with accordingly.

  • Re-shuffling - Mods reserve the right to 're-balance' teams after 3 or more sessions have passed of 'bad games' defined under one or more of these conditions; Session ends in 20 mins or less, No back and forth from both teams, Big surge in player loss. Re-balancing can be requested via a !modrequest.

  • Speak English - Although we won't bring down the iron hammer; we have had several players try to mask insults in German, French and Spanish. As we have mods that speak all three this attempt to hide fell flat. For that reason we encourage players to speak English and keep non-english to PMs whenever possible.

  • Ban evading - Those caught using spoofing software or VPN to evade bans will have their punishment upgraded to pema ban, this info may also be passed onto the dev team and may even lead to a global ban (all servers) -- so don't risk it, if you wish to appeal a ban come through us.

  • No VPN / IP 'spoofing - It can cause lag and isn't necessary; we can instantly see people doing it, and instantly assume they have something to hide. Don't draw attention to yourself, and save us the paper work.

  • Do not pretend to be staff, and/or another player -   In the event two common (player) names join e.g. 'snow' the one who has held the name the longest will own rights to said name and the other maybe asked to change it. All admin / mod names are forbidden. Pretending to be someone else will be treated as an offence.

  • Spam - We define spam as knowingly and unnecessarily plugging the screen with junk be that; radio commands, written in manually, copied in or with the aid of macros. We are pretty relaxed on radio spam if it is appreciate, if it is not -- aka constant "Repair the Power Plant" spam, when no Power plany is on the map (as example) can be treated as spam, likewise excessively clogging up the screen may also be treated as spam.

  • Exploits and/or Glitches - Defined by  doing something not intended by map/game design, i.e. using third party software for unlawful advantages (e.g. speedhacks), getting to unobtainable map locations (e.g. top of buildings) -- rule of thumb, if there is something blocking you from getting to said area or it requires timing and tricks to do then it is classified as unlawful.

  • Trolling -- This can bleed into other rules i.e. team hampering, impersonation etc... so this rule is very broadly defined. This rule also covers deliberate attempts to cause a stir / unrest in chat e.g. bringing up provoking arguments in chat. Fake modrequests will also be treated as trolling, as will any instance designed to waste our time i.e. falsely reporting people.  We are pretty forgiving with a bit of banter and will only dish out warnings if you begin to upset the peace aka if enough people begin to complain about it.


What I expect from the staff / mods

  • Staff powers may only be used to address a glitch / bug or to enforce the disciplinary procedure.
  • Harassment, threats, bribery or disclosing private server information - big no, no please do not do it.
  • When kicking said player; staff members are encouraged to make it clear why said player is getting removed from the server - do not insta kick without concept, it is tacky and looks bad on us.



Disciplinary Procedure

"Ignorance of the rules is no excuse"




If you are caught breaking the rules

We operate on a 'three strikes and you are out' - a firm warning will always be issued before a strike for 'lessor' offenses. (which are defined below) more serious offenses will be issued with a strike instantly if caught.

  • A mod / admin -- will ask you to cease and desist; a record of the incident will be held on file. Your IP will be stored and screenshots will be taken.
  • Should you ignore the mod / admin and continue;  or you are caught again - The mod team will enforce a relevant punishment lasting between 1 - 30 days which can manifest in the form of mutes, bans or removal of privileges (i.e. team swapping)
  • Should you be caught again, or continue to be a problem 'harsher' punishments can be enforced by the mod / admin team.
  • By this stage you will be monitored; and be given a final chance -- if no improvement is seen, or the mod / admin deems you a hazard to the community / server you may be removed from the server with a perma ban.
  • Should a banned player wish to 'lash out' outside of the server i.e. the forums, requests will be put in to have your sources removed providing evidence to nessessary parties
  • Players who wish to appeal their ban and/or offense may contact either me or Goku via the forums or discord.

Lessor offenses

  • Not speaking English (defined as; not speaking English inside the server)
  • Continued use of bad language (defined as; over use of cuss words)
  • Team hampering (defined as; knowingly sabotaging team efforts)
  • Unlawful Overmining (defined as; knowingly sabotaging mines; also classed as team hampering)
  • Caught using exploit (defined as; doing something not intended by map/game design)
  • Naming and shaming outside of the server via offical Ren-X media (defined as Forums and offical discord channels)
  • Naming and shaming inside the sever
  • Offensive names

More serious offenses

  • Using IP spoofing, VPN software
  • Player harassment (defined as;  swearing and/or verbal abuse)
  • Using cheats and/or cheat engine
  • Impersonation of a staff / other players
  • Ban evading

As always, if you have any concerns, feedback or questions feel free to contact me via the forums or via discord.





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I like that this is posted.   It is clearly written.      It would not hurt to repost it occasionally so it is in players minds.

I especially appreciate your attitude and attention to swearing at other players.  Thank you.


Keep up the good work.

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Updated again.

To clarify; FPI staff can ignore a 'stacked team' if the game flow is OK aka game is not ending in under 20 mins and has reasonable back and forth between both sides.

If games do not meet the above quota, then after 3 matches -- FPI staff may manually shift players, leaving the server and re-joining the server does not reset the quota.

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Please disregard my last post (applogies) stacking rule has been removed. If you appear on the same team, the mod team will not take action (regardless of skill level) as the removal of swap, and the new shuffle does a good job of 'keeping teams fair'

...but manaul shuffle is still an option if players request it after 3 'bad sessions' have passed, and will only be done at the start of the 4th match. If this is done, I will endevour to ensure scrambling is done fairly.



Edited by TomUjain
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  • Going AFK is no longer an offense (rule removed due to program that now deals with AFKing)
  • Stacking (rule removed, Mods should no longer be forcing players apart)
  • Manual shuffle rule added (Only to be used if it qualifies based on the rule)
  • Smearing rule added (applies to everyone including slander/smearing aimed towards other servers)



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On 6/16/2019 at 3:19 PM, Madkill40 said:

Ryz doesnt like me n i dunno why and this makes me want to have more than one feeling so I could better understand his frustration 

You should promote Ryz

Well it's not about not liking.
What you always do is provoce people personally like last week and then you  can expect a reaction..

What happened last time is:

I said something like: "I really hate this map" (matter of taste)
You immediatly started reacting with things like: "Make your own maps Ryz" and "Ryz is toxic," I don't have the exact quotes but should be able to find them in IRC logs. My reaction was something like: "You always try to make yourself popular / bigger by trying to bring others down.." Nothing to do with moderating, nothing to with liking or not liking.

As I mentioned before I appreciate every persons work on maps, even though I don't like certain maps (as we all do). I don't get why you, when I put out a general reaction without even naming someone, approach me personally. I've seen this happen in the past before while I have never spoken out against you personally besides reacting on you.  I have even seen in the past that you tbanned me on CT 'because I had another opinion..' while I didn't insult anyone and specifically not you.... 
I guess you feel like I don't like you, but I don't have anything against you and my actions have proven that cause I never 'attacked' or talked negative to you or taking actions as a mod...

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Guest once upon the time

Only one question:

Does that belong to you (you know who is meant) really in forum under FPI, or would it not be better to discuss this in a smaller circle. You are both adults and I think there are more elegant solutions.

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1 hour ago, roweboat said:

@Ryz @Madkill40 Please take that to PM or somewhere else. this topic isn't meant for any of that discussion here.

Oh lawdy please no, lets make this as dramatic as the other FP thread :P

But certainly can't take it to private now with the false TBan allegation Ryz made. People gotta know. I gotta know. 

Ryz saw me type out the command to tban him apparently - or he's just making an wild assumption based on coincidence and I get to be the target, I haven't prevented such bias in all fairness but I only tban folks who shit'on or hate'on other folks that are trying to enjoy the game. Never for difference of opinion. 

Maybe don't promote Ryz, he hasn't learned

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Rule Updates

  • Removed advertising rule -- you can now promote (if you wish) a product / service in chat, be careful as excessive use may be treated as spam however.
  • Harassment rule updated


Note on 'team shuffling'  - we've had a few people (to not mince words) request shuffles just because they don't like losing. 9 times out of 10 Yumi (me) does the shuffles, so sometimes I won't be around to respond. To make this clear we define a 'stacked team' (see above) if one or more of the following applies;

  • Session ends in 20 mins or less
  • No back and forth from both teams (to qualify team has to have some form of success e.g. put together several rushes -- and do atleast 1% damage to a building, destory a building or break out of a tank / inf deadlock at least once
  • Big surge in player loss

If the shuffle qualifies I will log in and assess and manually shuffle within 5 mins of the start of the next round.

New Server

Starting early next year FPI will be upgrading to a beefy server.

News on the Mutators

Although no deadline has been set as of yet, HIHIHI (aka dave) has plans to re-introduce the custom tanks made by Iridesence. They will be very rare drops from crates, they've gone through exstensive balance testing to ensure they don't ruin the game in anyway but should add a lot of new ways to play. All our other mutators will be offline i.e. the x5 mines for hotties / techies, increased ref tick, commander prompt etc... etc... due to the recent update but should be back in very soon.

We will also be supporting / hosting the survival game mode for RenX and hopefully have it as a game option that players can vote in as a game mode but for now its going to be a stand-along thing.

And finally...

Want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I know RenX has had its drama / moments but you, the people reading this are the backbone of the community and I hope FPI can continue to be a home for you guys. A lot of exciting stuff is going on behind the scenes and I can't wait to experience it all with you guys next year.




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I searched for kicks under your name (if you were using another name, please let me know), and there were only a few auto-kicks for AFK. You are not banned, as far as I can tell, so I expect it to be a technical issue.

If you were using a VPN (or if it thought you were using a VPN), you might be kicked automatically. You might want to contact Goku or Pepe on Discord - they are more familiar with the setup than I.

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On 17 December 2019 at 11:21 AM, HIHIHI said:

I searched for kicks under your name (if you were using another name, please let me know), and there were only a few auto-kicks for AFK. You are not banned, as far as I can tell, so I expect it to be a technical issue.

If you were using a VPN (or if it thought you were using a VPN), you might be kicked automatically. You might want to contact Goku or Pepe on Discord - they are more familiar with the setup than I.

why have i been banned from server when i dont even know how too hack??

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If you have been banned from FPI (and it is not a global ban), speak to Saintpepe/Jenzuj or Goku - You can find them on the official Renegade X Discord or the EKT Discord.

Also, hacking is not the only bannable offense - the rules above state that a ban is possible for many different offences, if willfully repeated time and time again after repeated warnings.

It is also possible that technical issues resulting in you being affected by a ban meant for somebody else - again, contacting Saintpepe/Jenzuj or Goku on Discord is the way to fix this issue.

Renegade X Discord:


EKT Discord:


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