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Freedom of the Grenade?


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So to avoid derailing this thread.

Sidearms like grenades would be nice, especially with a bit more variety to them and minor-hybrid class specialization? Nothing major, and this shouldn't apply to Engineers, Adv. Engineers or T2/T3 Anti-Tank classes.

But to summarise- Grenade Freedoms:

Tier 1 Infantry (Officers / Chems / McFarland / Rocket Soldier):

  • Tiberium (Nod Only)
  • Shock (GDI Only)
  • Frag
  • Smoke

Tier 2 Infantry (BHS / Dead-Eye):

  • Tiberium (Nod Only)
  • Shock (GDI Only)
  • Smoke
  • Cluster

Tier 3 Infantry (Sakura / Havoc / Mendoza / Mobius):

  • Cluster
  • Tiberium (Nod Only)
  • Shock (GDI Only)

EMPs would be permanent to Anti-Tank classes only for good reason (mines & rushes), as hilarious as it would be to have 10 infantry throw all their EMPs at once on a building or a vehicle rush it would imbalance the efforts of defenders and vehicle rushers. 

Engineers and Adv. Engineers have enough on their utility belt.

Updated ** Patch's weapon gets in the way so cannot have a grenade, SBH have stealth and are effective enough.

As the tiberium grenade already exists and is specifically for Nod a Shock grenade specifically for GDI would be a great addition.

Shock Grenade:

  • Moderate radius
  • Minor higher multiplier to Lazarous (Stealth units)
  • Reduces movement speed of infantry and vehicles for 2 seconds (increases with Veterancy)
  • Low base damage over a period of 3 seconds 

Ideal for catching out stealth units specifically but also useful to impede enemy movement.

Cluster Grenade:

  • High radius
  • Minor higher multipliers to all infantry types
  • Low damage if caught in first initial explosion
  • Additional volleys fire off in all directions
  • Amount of volleys based on Veterancy:
    • Rct. 4 volleys
    • Vet. 6 volleys
    • Elt. 6 volleys
    • Hrc. 8 volleys
  • Volleys deal medium damage if a direct hit
  • No headshot multiplier
  • Minor damage to vehicles


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Imagining SBHs with smokes is a horrifying thought. 

And overcomplicating something as simple as grenades sounds highly unnecessary. I'm all in for changing the grenades to be something more reliable than what it currently is. But seriously, you don't need any more than the grenades we currently have. 

EDIT: Besides, how would we handle units from a crate? Overwrite their grenade? Give them a default? 

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13 minutes ago, KrypTheBear said:

EDIT: Besides, how would we handle units from a crate? Overwrite their grenade? Give them a default? 

You are then a unit with a grenade outside of your class, possibly, no overwriting. 

Seeing as how Patch cannot 'X' due to gun the SBH get no nades either.

4 hours ago, DarkSn4ke said:

to have super effective OP grenades that blasts any other class to tiny pieces

Effective to a degree might be a start, tibnades are effective, smokes are decent, frags are shit but they are frags, with a shock grenade GDI get a fair faction-specific item to the tibnade and a cluster grenade would just be a more effective frag.

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