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Auto balancing, suddenly switched to other team


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Never noticed this, but I was just playing Tomb (which restarted for some reason by a vote :P). Suddenly, while being in the top 5 or something on Nod and after 20 or 30 minutes of game time, I got switched to GDI with a message saying 'auto balancing'. Before I got switched our team killed 2 GDI buildings. 

I am perfectly fine with some balancing in the beginning of the game. But I just left when this happened. Assisted in killing two buildings and suddenly I am in the team I was fighting. I understand the need to balance games, but if you ask me this isn't the way. In the end GDI still had a few players less, cause people just kept leaving and so did I. 


Topic dissapeared? or I didnt save it, created it again...

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14 hours ago, Madkill40 said:

I never noticed that either.

I never noticed a vote to restart the game either, so I am as clueless as you on this one.

The vote was there for the map restart, although it was kinda silly. The early rushes destroyed one building (I am not even sure which one) and suddenly the map got restarted, noticed the vote when it was too late...

The 'balance thing' is, according to Agent, a experimental feature but it could also be that someone was just trolling. What happened is the message 'auto balancing' appeared and I got moved to GDI (where I just slaugtered 2 buildings). Also it left my vehicle empty to be stolen... 

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This all feels really familiar, think i was there.

We rekt the GDI refinery within 5 minutes by rushing in with a few basic infantries after we took out the harvester. there was only 2 guys that tried to save it and they were really late to notice us.

And then we took pity on GDI for being so unprepared, so someone started a vote, i voted yes.

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