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RenX SDK | Settings 'vision' of defenses


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Hey guys,


I am currently working on a map with Turrets and Guard Towers. The only problem I have currently is that they don't "see" me even when I can see them. I know there's a bunch of settings that you can change, but nothing I do seems to have an effect.



Does anyone know exactly which setting would allow the turret to have a further distance?







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  • Totem Arts Staff

I believe you can't change anything to it. Turrets and GT's will trigger when the enemy reaches the minimum distance and there's no way you can change in those settings. Only through the code I guess. Maybe I'm wrong because I never change anything to the GT's or Turrets

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  • Totem Arts Staff
52 minutes ago, DarkSn4ke said:

@[CT]Sarah are the small defences not triggering at all? or only on short distances?

if they do not trigger nearby enemies units, they're "vision" is blocked by some obstacle (visible or insivisble)

Forgot to mention that :)


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34 minutes ago, Fffreak9999 said:

I know advanced defences have a vision range multiplier value, but small defences don't currently from what I remember

Correct. This is because this building isnt setup to be a vehicle. Technically the turrets are vehicles. You can tweak the distance in a different way here.

6 hours ago, DarkSn4ke said:

if they do not trigger nearby enemies units, their "vision" is blocked by some obstacle (visible or insivisble)

@Sarah can't it be that you're walking past one of the corners so the roof support column is blocking the line of sight? if so, try rotating the thing. It can't shoot through the floor, roof or the columns because the line of sight gets blocked.


Personally I'd not tweak the range, I think its good the way it is (default sight radius is 12000, that is HUGE). I think you might wanna reconsider the way you positioned it in the world and also reconsider the specific part of the map layout where you're placing it. Have you got a top-screenshot where it's located?

If i were you i'd also reconsider your first thought, think of it as a new player, lots of maps have the same turrets with the same range, you'd expect a similair pattern across the game.. now all the sudden it'd be different, might be weird to players.


Anyways, if you really want to have the range extended across the map you need to go here;




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