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Download version 1.2 here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4gbuqx0o8ap2rki/CNC-Tunnels-1.2.zip?dl=0



I've been working on a new map.

Still need to fix the framerate on Reservoir, I know (apart from that issue, it's finished).

Started out by thinking of the layout, I wanted to make a map with multiple vehicle routes, 2 vehicle entrances, and also make it easy to switch between different vehicle paths, and have plenty of space for vehicles in the field. I really hope this level design plays well.

It's going to look a bit more tropical/jungle-like than it does now, I'm going to add more ferns and maybe a different type of tree. I also want to add some more colorful and glowing stuff like the mushrooms (modelled and textured by myself :) )

Here's the layout:


And here's a whole bunch of screenshots, the shadows look a bit brown/yellow-ish, but that's because something my laptop likes to do to images I paste unfortunately, the shadows are better when you see them in-game:











These tunnels give cover from snipers when running from one building to the other.







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Aha finally we see images of Henks 'I took mushrooms and I got an idea' map!

I didn't take mushrooms, the mushrooms took me. Places.

Wow - looks great, especially the layout!

Looking forward to how it plays out :D

Hehe, you could add a PostProcess Volume around the 'shrooms - one purpose, one vision^^

Good idea, I added postprocess volumes with a slightly more blue coloring, and some bloom, which looks pretty good on the mushrooms. But nothing extreme.

And thx for the compliments guys

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Wauw henk, this looks really promising! I'd like to see it in realtime to check the gameplay :)

It's nearing completion already, so that should be possible soon.

I want to add some more details (already added a lot after the first pics), and I need to add the PT scene, and the mini-map, and that's about it.

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Some new images.

In-game to give you a better sense of the scale:


Added way more support beams, cables and traintracks to the tunnels:


(This tunnel is wider/bigger than you might expect from these images)

Edited 1 layer of the landscape material to better match the rocks, and added a lot of these small rocks:


Made field a bit more interesting with this on both sides, also added grass to the middle of my sand roads:


And another pic where you can see the details i've added:


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Added cover in the trenches/tunnels

Added some crates and containers to the Nod base

Added parked (some of them destroed) vehicles outside of the bases

Added tiberium crystals and decals to the arch rock

Fixed one of the endgame cameras that kept bugging out

Fixed the Nod Harvester going over the airstrop drop-off spot when returning to the refinery (it would get destroyed there if someone had a vehicle delivered)

Added Mini-map, made map preview image

Fixed some meshes without a 2nd UV layer (for lighting)

Added sun & lensflare

Edited the cave pebble material

Uploading version 1.0 after dinner.


Download link v1.0: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mk9qjgwar336mqb/CNC-Tunnels-1.0.zip?dl=0

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  • Developer

I've played it too and very good map. But I think B2B will be a problem because you can see the enemy base at the base entrance. So I say add some more cover.

And I noticed that some tankblockers are not hitting the ground. And I saw 2 tankblockers next to each other having the same rotation. So I say fix this and it's a good map

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Where can you see the enemy base at your base entrance? I need a screenshot because I haven't been able to find that yet.

With MRLS and Artillery you need to be at least halfway on the battlefield because of their range.

With Gunner & Rocket Soldier you can hit the enemy base from just outside of the tunnels. Not sure how much of a problem that would be. Hoping to get some opinions on that.

I've actually made a simple 3D model of the map layout, and used that as guideline while mapping, and made sure base 2 base wouldn't be possible. But if by base entrance you mean the tunnel exits, than yes that's possible with a Gunner, but it's also a dangerous spot to stand, it's almost in the center of the battlefield and it's easy to counter.

Fixed some things after the test session,

- Can't get behind the fence in GDI base anymore (not that you could get back into the base but still), I had collision set up there but it was missing one face somehow.

- Fixed a bunch of places where you could get stuck.

- Made changes to tankblockers.

- decided to move the Power Plant and the Airstrip further apart from each other.

- added some more rocks to the Nod Base.

- Changed collision on the small rocks on the ground in some parts.

- Added spotlights to the vehicle tunnels.

- Saw the mini-map compass and noticed my sun was in the east or west, but way too high in the sky to be that far east/west, so moved it to the south so it fits with the mid day setting.

- Made the sniper (Also allowed for other classes don't worry) cliffs a bit more narrow.

- Added cover to the infantry tunnels in the form of mine carts:


Can you sit in them? Of course you can!


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  • 3 weeks later...


Added 2 new tunnels in the center of the map, allowed for vehicles, also gives bases more cover.

Added 2 bumps in the terrain on each side by the tiberium fields to nerf Rocket Soldiers and Gunners a bit.

Added some crates to the GDI base by the Power Plant

Fixed small rocks collision

Fixed being able to get vehicles on top of the bunkers

Fixed being able to get stuck in the small area behind the GDI base.

More Foliage culling

Decreased Fog Density

Fixed UV channels for the minecarts.

Changed level coloration slightly

Decreased bloom and blur in the tunnels

A lot of small changes to the landscape, cover meshes, placement of rocks to make the map look more polished.




I'll build lights soon and then probably release the updated version.

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More update!

Download version 1.2 here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4gbuqx0o8ap2rki/CNC-Tunnels-1.2.zip?dl=0

Changes since 1.1:

- Harvester pathing fixed

- Floating stuff fixed

- Changes to the barriers

- Added wind

- Added a second grass mesh

- Bigger bushes

- Brighter minecarts

- Added a light to the GDI Refinery

- Fixed invisible rock and hesco barriers

- Lot of small aesthetic things

Does look like Exile indeed, had never seen that map before.

I'll also open up a topic in the Releases section, Since it's no longer a WIP.

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Played in the pug, biggest flaw is that the bases are too big. Nod can just roll light tanks off the bat and do circles around GDI before they get meds. Also some kind of infantry-only path in the middle of the map would make them a little more useful, as this focuses so much on vehicles. The underground tunnels in the bases could be more useful for beacon placements in particular. 

And also since this is a very tank-heavy map, 12-14 vehicle limit would be wonderful instead of 8. 

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Might add some tunnels that connect the ruins in the field to eachother. Maybe also a connection to the trench/tunnel in the middle of the map.

I don't want the base tunnels to be used for beacon placements. It's already very easy to cover a beacon at the backside of the Barracks and at the Airstrip from the vehicle tunnel. On the other end there's the WF and HoN which both have the infantry only path leading towards their back entrances.

I'm considering placing GT's for both teams. Best way I can think of to make the bases smaller is by moving the Ref forward but the bunker might get in the way, and that's the spot I was planning to put the GT's.

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