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Map making time.

Just started this for real today. General layout is done and map is about 10% done. Hoping to get a lot of done during the winter break, but I have to learn the entire SDK along the way. Used to do some Valve SDK map making using hammer.

Early SDK Screenshots in the link below



-Elevation/Cliffs priority in vehicle gameplay.

-Centered around silo and crashed AC-130 Plane

-Thin bridge to connect clifftop vehicle path.

-AGT and Obelisk

-2 Vehicle paths

-2 infantry paths that sneak into base

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  • Totem Arts Staff

I think what he has done is just applied a basic material to help with seeing how the landscape looks because the blue/white squares can make it hard to see.

To be honest I use the same thing to help me when I first start a map since I cannot see that clearly how much difference my landscape looks like after trying to alter the height map.

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Materials is next. Just shaving off landscapes and smoothing things out for now. Focused on getting the landscape/gameplay right before I make it look pretty.

The AC-130 crash site is going to be more cave like to prevent AGT, and Obelisk hitting anything that enters the mid area.

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Nice work! By viewing the pictures is it too far fetched to assume, that the teams will bombard each other's base from the distance? By the way, do the defensive towers have equal range? In my opinion AGT, Obelisk, Tiberium factories are in the open, with a little exercise and adjustment, artielly and mlrs can shoot over to hit powerplants or airstrip. Or do you plan to build walls as well?

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Just need to learn how to make caves/archways/tunnels.

The mid area in front of the ref's/AGT's will be heavily walled off (think orginal mesa cave, and smaller than eyes cave). Ideal goal make it so you can only hit the ref a lot, and AGT/OB require rushs to hit.

Next on the list is adding water, and fleshing out the center cliffside infantry paths that have tunnels that let you sneak into the base.

Fine tuning the placement of the AGT/OB is something I'll need beta testers for. As well as how I handle the bridge paths with Arty/MRLS range on the HON/WF.

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Interesting map! Looking forward to playing it!

I'd keep the middle and the AC crash site as an infantry only place so they have a place to hide when tank battles arise in the middle! As already mentioned, I'd also be careful with base to base fire and line of sight. Keep in mind that the artillery shoots with an arch and has the largest range in game!

I see a lot of vehicle paths here, but is there an infantry only path? How long is the walk? I'd keep it under 30 seconds of walking time

Nice lighting in the map there! But are you planning on using a different accent of green? I think it might be better for your scene :)

I think it's an interesting map and again, I'm really looking forward to play it! Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the feedback guys.

I'm shaving away at the map since its a bit big. Not trying to create a huge map like eyes. I'll be taking my time on the landscape and shaping it correctly. Working on the infantry paths now.

Part of the AC-130 crash will be inf only.

Havn't got to lighting yet, and currently is just a placeholder. Same with all materials.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sorry there havn't been any updates recently. My laptop's main hard drive failed. Not to worry the SDK files and the maps are on the secondary drive. Just got a new drive so it'll take me 10 hrs of labor to get back up to speed.

Also moving to a new house. So I should have some new pics in ~1-2 weeks.

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New progress update


Edit: Bah messed up the screenshots a bit. I'll post more later this week.

Laptop is back up and running!


-Redid entire Cave system (Still needs to be textured properly)

-Rocks. So many rocks.

-Reworked landscape

-Rework infantry paths

-Added Cave entrances to craft better Obelisk/AGT gameplay

-GDI base has many new details

To do:

-Rework rivers to have flow animation similar to field

-Underwater tunnel paths

-Work on Nod base


-Harvy, AI paths



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Its about time I had other people test the map.

Get the link below. It references beachhead materials so hopefully there won't be an issue since I included the beachhead Env. package. Beachhead should be on the test server anyway.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_nllW ... sp=sharing

I'm looking for gameplay feedback and suggestions for balancing. There are many minor details to take care of.

Known issues:

-Harvy pathing needs fixing

-AI nodes not added

-Blocking volumes for vehicles / perimeter have not been added.

-Minor texturing/landscape work

-Additional lighting needed for infantry tunnels

-Dmg from tiberium not added

-Endgame cameras not added

-No Minimap / Preview Pic of map

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Please note that the beachhead package has changed. Do not ship this package yourself if you only reference it!!

I have already encountered an issue whilst adding this;


Please do not ship the package from beachhead with your own files, either create your own package or don't ship it. If we start overwriting each others work (because that's what an auto-downloader will do) maps will only stay broken..

Also note that in your .ini file you forgot to adjust this line below. For now I've fixed it for you (in the map repository and on the server) but you'll have to change the one in your google drive yourself.


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Won't go into specifics or point messed up things out since it looks like you have a ton to do still.

Two things I noticed right away. The infantry tunnels are long, straight, and have nothing in them. They will be super boring. The tunnel under the airstrip is just wut. It's just a long straight tunnel under the entire thing. If a beacon gets put down there, it will be a huge pain. If you really want the tunnel there, I would suggest you shorten it by a ton.

The layout actually seems like it could be interesting. Map has potential, just needs more work and lots of touch ups.

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Thanks for the honest feedback. I agree about the infantry tunnels being too long. I have a plan to shorten the distance to silo if just means separating the two paths potentially.

The strip tunnel I could shorten or simply angle the strip a bit so its a little less deafly with ions. More props down there or a bend is prob a good idea. I'll play around with it.


Harvy pathing

Ai nodes added

Landscape sloping infront of bases leading to caves regraded

Still much to do, but I believe its aleast half playble for now.

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The layout actually seems like it could be interesting. Map has potential, just needs more work and lots of touch ups.

I totally agree on this! I really like the layout and foresee a nice gameplay here! I like the 3 vehicle paths a lot!

You still have some map dressing to do but that's easily done.. The layout and gameplay are more important, I think you did a great job here.

I'll provide more in depth feedback after a testing session ;)

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Officially going for next weeks PUG for testing, but maybe a version for this Saturday's PUG potentially depending on how much I get done before it.


Tiberium Dmg Volumes

Vehicle Blocking Volumes

Map perimeter Blocking Volumes (I will add soft boundaries if they are appropriate anywhere)

More AI Nodes

Lighting for Infantry Tunnels complete

Expanded Silo area and added additional tunnel path to shorten distance

Restructured Nod Base (Still work to do on tunnels, and landscape)

Mystery Box's added & restricted for no vehicles on some

To do/Issues:

Ladders need to fixed

Some more blocking/tiberium volumes needed

End Game camera

Spotting areas


Grass/Foilage details and viewing distance to be reworked.

Some minor props/details to be changed in Tib Cave

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  • Totem Arts Staff

I tested your Map today, there was an bunch of Bugs they i found.

Here those Images : http://imgur.com/a/NNYZz

Be careful with scaling the Prefab Buildings, as you see in the Screenshot u can massed up many Stuff and this Point the AGT can't fired with his RocketLauncher and the Guns stucked on half way in the Building so there got restricted view

Keep an Eye on your Tunnels, there are many places where Rocks or some other Stuff looks inside and the Tunnels are deadly too. Now i'm get feared about dark corners :eek:

The whole Map needs more smooth and the AI Pathes from the Harvesters are broken, they got stucked on diffrent Places.

Otherwise an really beautiful Map design, love the Waterfalls into the Tiberium Crystals, Details in the GDI and Nod Base bunch of very nice Ideas. Keep it going, i can't waiting to play the next Version ;)

Greez. DaKuja

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Work In Progress!


So since I took over the map (because @Redline is not finishing it at the moment), I did some changes and fixed some stuff first I didn't like at all. Not big things has changed but small things like landscape fixes, lighting fixes, mesh fixes etc.


Here some screenshots!


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