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CNC-Coastal [Beta 0.2.5 Available]


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  • Totem Arts Staff

So I won't be posting any SS for now, but I've edited the small version map again

- Added 2 more infantry entrances on Nod base, totalling the entrance to 6 (including Hovercraft path)

- One is the hill where Obelisk used to be

- Another one is the beach passing a destroyed GDI Weapons Factory and a buried GDI Barracks

- Added more defense turrets to guard infantry and vehicle path.

- Added 3 on the hill infantry path

- Added 1 on top of Airstrip

- Added sniper deck on the back side

- Removes one Guard Tower

- Changes Light Tank spawner to Buggy (original), APC spawner to Recon Bike (TS)

- Reworks some rocks to make it less climbable, decreasing chance for vehicles to glitch above the rocks

- Beautify the landscape

- Added Tank Blocker static mesh to differentiate vehicle-passable paths and otherwise

The rather shorter version is that it makes Nod more defensive, yet able to rush faster and earlier. It becomes race against time for them. The longer they spend time to attack, the more chance GDI can build up enough forces to swarm the base from all direction. While GDI needs to chip through the defenses and damage base via infantry, while building up tank forces to push through and repel assaults.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Nice to hear Ruud (congrats for your ascension too btw)

Anyway, here's last update on the small version, which will be more prioritized over the original one



- Added Pathnodes on new path (AI path will likely be faulty due to slopes and small spaces)

- Added more vertical rocks to prevent rock climbings that allows glitchy beacon placement (Nod Refinery and Power Plant were susceptible)

- Closes the hole in the cavern's pool

- Added more foliages, now with bushes

- Reworks endgame cinematic camera due to map tweaks

Map will be uploaded tomorrow, along with the lists of things that needs to be checked

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  • Totem Arts Staff

DOWNLOAD LINK [small Version] : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6yEH_ ... sp=sharing

Things prioritized to check :

- Game-breaking Rock climbings

- Balance between Nod's overdefended rush-ready base and GDI's less entrance smaller base with water GDI-only route

- Mine amount

- Possible holes in terrain

- Graphic lags

- Old SDK compatibility with current version

- Config ini file

Will need help on Lightmass building, currently using old-school Unreal Engine 3 lighting build

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  • Totem Arts Staff
On 2/9/2020 at 8:05 PM, Harvester said:

THIS MAP IS UNBALANCED, turrents kill gdi harvester automaticly every time it tries to harvest. 😥


nod can swim from around map to behind gdi base:




Don't take this map too seriously :) It is an old map from 2015 where Hande wasn't that good with mapping and wasn't really suppose to be C&C Mode rather more assault mode but we didn't had all of that stuff yet back then

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