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Renegade X - 0.40 Release


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Welcome to the third Renegade X release version. Renegade X is the Command & Conquer mod for Unreal Tournament 3 and, as promised, we opened the doors of our 0.35 beta to the public on September 30th. Since then, we've released the 0.36 beta, and today we are opening our doors to the third phase of Renegade X. The 0.40 beta is now available!

Dev Night

We will be hosting a Dev Night next weekend. On November 21st and 22nd, the developers of Renegade X (Totem Arts) will be joining the 0.40 public servers for a game. The projected time for both days, which are next Saturday and Sunday, is 3:00pm EST. You're all invited - if you'd like to take part in this event, keep your eyes open for more news, and be sure to get the 0.40 beta up and running.

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nice work guys, im downloading.

now I wonder how hard that UDK would be to be used for small projects (like very small freeware games). Anyway having a standalone of renx would be great as the actual implementation still gives problems to many people that aren't able to play it :/

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Ummm....I can't launch the game for some reason... The frontend works fine, but when I launch the game, it crash right away after the splash picture shows up (ut3.exe experienced a problem and must be closed...or soemthing along those lines...).

I tried to start the game without frontend but it doesn't work either. UT3 itself is working fine though.

I made sure I deleted all the origianl 0.36 files in the \renegade folder, I also tried to download different install files, uninstalling and reinstalling, but nothing seems to work... :(

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QUOTE (der Papst @ Nov 15 2009, 08:51 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
(I had this idea when i noticed that the ziped .exe on torrent is >700MB while the .exe on Borgamers is only 421MB...)
Now i installed the .exe from Borgamers and it works...[/b]

That was fixed awhile ago....should only show 421MB.
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