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    A technician who gets thiccer the more he reps. Now with added sfx srr.mp4
  2. @Tytonium Don't forget step 0 is when we put a price on losing the harvester, for each harvester lost we will remove one Microsoft installed application from your computer. Starting with windows itself.
  3. As a game? No. I think people forget that this isn't some triple A rated game from EA studios themselves, even though it has come very far, we shouldn't forget this is a fan made product as a passionate love song to Renegade. It's not particularly polished, balanced, entirely functional, But It is not really supposed to be. Playing this game for the first time gave me overwhelming joy as it pushed me back to certain parts in my late childhood where I was nothing short but an addict to Renegade. No mainstream game has ever achieved that to me, not even the ones that were supposed too. But I'm not going to sit here and say, playing Renegade X like a proper mainstream game is the wrong way to play it. But I can't find that sweet spot. Playing it hard for me, often just gives me a headache. There's too much that's inconsistent and left unsaid during the gameplay, that I just can't get immersed in it to enjoy my time properly. I find myself best enjoying Renegade X when I feel the memories and nostalgia it brings up from my past. And more importantly, bonding with all the other many great people who feel the same way. And some of those very people have stuck around in my life to truly make a difference. And I know I am not the only one who can say that. - It has been my favourite experience. ᵐᵒˢᵗˡʸ
  4. Fishy, Your posts are great, I think you've done a good job highlighting one of the issues that does plague overall balancing in Ren X. The VP System. But I do need you to know that it is inherently going to be one-sided and it's important to remember that. That's apart of the design here. I am trying very hard to visualise your solution in practice; where we now have new players coming in at an average VP rate based from the clock as opposed to how it is now. Let's walk through it while using your screenshot as the base example here. The solution in practice would boost the 3 recruits on GDI to say Veteran (clock permitting) but then, what would happen to those on Nod? Would they be boosted to Elite by that same time frame because of the additional VP from the clock? - no, because they've just joined too and have 0 points. So your solution effectively always pushes the "back-end" of players up the VP ladder, keeping it in motion, and all the other players can still progress on top of that. The only concern for this, is that it might undermine the inherent design of the VP system. -- If a team has done bad enough that there is already a significant difference between VP compared to the other team; giving them back VP will not save them at that point. That's my concern. -- Look at your screenshot again, what would happen if those GDI were also Veteran like Nod? Would it fix the reason that lead the whole team there? No, it would just fix the damage that it has already caused. Which means it would cause far more stalemates and prolonged games than it would games where the team that should of got steamrolled, made a long, arduous comeback. But the truth is fishy, I don't entirely know. And I don't think any developers can know too. It's a very complicated formula that has many moving parts and some of the critical parts are inherently flawed and changing them may invalidate or void the whole system entirely. There's so many factors and variables that we cannot account for accurately, the biggest one being the teams themselves and the players within them. - SO, maybe what I've said here is wrong and your proposal may lead to a healthier gameplay experience, or maybe nothing can change the inherent one-sided nature of the VP system, but one thing is for certain; Your thoughts and comments on it should well be noted. Because the proposals here and in other places, may well be the prerequisite start to what may be an entire overhaul of the system in the future. Where perhaps VP is replaced by an entirely new mechanic, but that's not for me, nor for this post. Cheers.
  5. Some solid ideas in this thread, I think it's worth noting that the purpose of our squad mechanic is to allow long-term organisation into an otherwise short-term game. The one critical factor you will find in any long-running match is that they have relatively good team cohesion and coordination on both ends, hence the stalemates and prolonged warfare. On the contrary, the shorter matches having less so and often steamroll. However, it is entirely possible (as demonstrated by other major titles like battlefield) that an unorganised player whom can be the difference in ren between a steamroll, stalemate and victory, will feel less inclined to play one-man-army when there is a better gameplay experience available elsewhere. You just have to incentivize it within a small group. Battlefield lured otherwise disorganised players into squads with the use of their "spawn on me" system across the squad leader, which was a very useful and powerful mechanic and on some maps in the franchise was the difference between winning and losing - It also indirectly caused the squad to work together, as they were almost always with their leader. (Even if they had no prior intention of working as a part of the group) So, the current idea with our squad system will follow a similar formula. A very useful mechanic that comes naturally from being within a squad that also causes people to work together (even indirectly) That "key" mechanic the squad should offer is still under construction, initially the core idea was a voice-chat system within the squads + the ability for the commander to vc with the squads. That however, is a looking like a glorified pipe dream. But as it stands being in a squad will still yield small basic benefits such as boosted points, VP and money for following squad leader orders. But a lot of this is on paper, and not really tested or polished to a degree that I can say anything with concrete certainty.
  6. Then learn to push back. You can press 2 and park the vehicle or spam E and counter push.
  7. Interesting, but I have yet to meet the man or woman who boots up the ren x launcher and expects to play a physics simulator.
  8. These are freaking great madkill I can't believe this post was buried and hadn't gotten the chance to see them. 10/10 but I demand you make cards that give negative attributes to the team, namely featuring people like tytonium, shpetim. Because you're damn right when these people are on your team, things are going backward
  9. Technician HIHIHI is going to need it. renx.mp3
  10. It's as per basis generally. Last few crashes were because of a bugged hourglass. What a map honestly 10/10
  11. Honestly it's not just toxicity. I've noticed a bunch of maps empty the server like nobodies business. Some of the top picks are Oasis, Volcano, Snow X, Tunnels, Toxicity, Daybreak. Problem is, it all depends on when. If you played oasis in early mornings nobody would leave. Play it at peak hour? may as well be shutting your server offline. Save someones electric bill. - same for Daybreak and Toxicity in the opposite time frame. Personally, I like the older version of Toxicity. There's alot to do and alot of different ways to do it, it's a real grind. But for some people, they just wanna come into renegade x and not think so hard after a long day, so they prefer maps like Island instead.
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