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Renegade X: Patch 5.76 - Patch Notes


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"Welcome back, Commander!"

This Spooky Season has brought Patch 5.76 upon us, with many fixes, some big changes and our seasonal maps.




| Bug Fixes / Changes |

  • Added a few extra seconds between production on air vehicles
  • Fixed an issue with getting out of bounds
  • Fixed a long-standing issue with Repair Gun first person animations
  • Lowered Orca / Apache engine ambient volume
  • Added a global cooldown for map-related votes
  • Fixed recoil on multi-weapon vehicles being incorrectly applied
  • Fixed getting VP from self vehicle repair assists
  • Fixed an issue where team changing after calling support powers would cause the powers to affect the original team
  • Fixed a case where infantry would play a kill taunt after killing themselves
  • Added a ton of voicelines (thank you @dr.Mobius!)

| Balance |

  • Stamina has been removed, meaning you can now sprint permanently
  • AT Mine
    • Significantly reduced explosion momentum
  • Volt Auto Rifle
    • Increased vehicle damage
    • Increased damage vs flak armour type
    • Reworked charge-up attack to feel more fluid and not be as fight-defining
  • Laser Chain Gun
    • Infantry damage values scaled down 1 rank, heroic now does damage of elite and so forth
  • Advanced Guard Tower
    • Rocket damage increased from 220 to 240
    • Rocket is now much harder to dodge
    • Fixed an issue where the rockets could hit the AGT itself
    • Machine Guns will now prioritize infantry over vehicles
  • AC130 Airstrike
    • Heavy cannon damage increased slightly
    • Rate of fire increased
    • Spread decreased
  • APC
    • Base health increased by 100
    • Spread now reduces while the weapon is being fired

| User Interface |

  • Cleaned up several bits of old UI code
  • Moved some bounty announcements to the top left-hand corner, instead of centre screen

| Maps |

  • Seasonal maps added



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  • Stamina has been removed, meaning you can now sprint permanently



I've been pushing for this since the first day I played in 2011.

EDIT: wtf the shift key is still active. it was only the stamina removed, which is true to the changelog. I was hoping no more walk, only sprint. But this is good enough

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