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Renegade X: Patch 5.65.380 - Patch Notes


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"Welcome Back, Commander!"

Patch 5.65.380 brings us another handful of bug fixes that occurred in a previous patches, adjustments to our code and a handful of map fixes. Check them out below!




| Bug Fixes |

  • Added a potential area volume fix for vehicles being able to glitch out of the soft boundary volumes
  • Added a partial fix for the back weapon attachments not appearing
  • Added a fallback function for moving the camera to your own base instead of wherever you last had your spectator / pre-game camera
  • Fixed an incorrect announcement being made for the Harvester when taking damage after it spawned
  • Fixed the Guard Tower projectiles not giving any damage
  • Fixed being able to zoom in too far when aiming down the sight
  • Fixed being able to go in ADS mode when you're not suppose to (For example when inactive or putting down the weapon)
  • Fixed the Stealth Black Hand cloaking while deploying an airstrike
  • Fixed the Remote C4 charges not taking any damage when they were deployed
  • Reverted the over-adjustment on headshot multipliers
  • Patch 5.65.381 Hot-Fix: Fixed the Pick-Up Crate types not using the configuration that lead to everyone getting special crates (spies, EPIC units etc.)


| Changes |

  • Removed the functionality of locking the commanders for a specific amount of time
  • Rewrote some functions regarding to team switching / assignment, in-game donations, kick voting and crate pickups


| Visuals / Audio |

  • EVA / CABAL announcer:
    • When you capture Silo, it will no longer tell you that you aquired new technology
  • Corrected the GDI buildings having a Nod floor when they're in their destroyed state


| Maps |

  • Cliff Side:
    • Fixed some rocks glitching in and out at the Nod side of the middle bridge
  • Crash Site:
    • Fixed vehicles getting launched up in the air on the outer vehicle route
    • Adjusted the ambient lighting on some foliage to get shadowed properly
    • Adjusted the post-processing to fix the map having a real strong contrast
  • Eyes
    • Fixed being able to base-2-base all the way from the GDI base to the Power Plant
  • Islands:
    • Adjusted some draw call values on the tunnel lights and palm trees
  • Reservoir:
    • Prevented Nod from being able to fire with an Artillery over the cover wall on their side of the dam, allowing them to secure their entrance a lot better
    • Fixed being able to bypass some invisible walls at the Guard Tower
  • Steppe:
    • Fixed a rock turning invisible when switching to low graphic settings
  • Walls:
    • Added a new minimap that is more detailed
  • Tomb:
    • Improved the tomb interior lighting drastically
    • Fixed some normal map textures not being set up correctly
    • Fixed grenades falling through the ground around the Power Plant
  • Toxicity:
    • Fixed multiple Base-2-Base issues
    • Fixed the night vision scopes being useless due to the high intensity
    • Modified the GDI and Nod base fortifications
    • Swapped the locations of the Adv. Guard Tower and Silo
    • Added additional obstacles to both the GDI and Nod Tiberium Field
    • Updated the minimap
  • Under:
    • Fixed being able to bypass some invisible walls at the Nod pipeline area
  • Xmountain:
    • Fixed being able to climb on some rocks at the Nod side of the upper path

| SDK |

  • Added a way for modders to add a name to the character without having to use the localization


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