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Player Votes Should determine next map.


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It really GRINDS MY GEARS  when  players want a new map...  but  we get Plunged into Field hell again.  Seemingly because the server mod thinks we should.

Let players Choose the next map.    Do not choose the map for us. 

You might feel like because you are the moderator of a server that you know best what we need.   YOU. DO. NOT.

Let us choose and suffer the consequences.   Don't take away our voting.


For example:  just now we were playing Field X.   It was horribly unbalanced and no one was happy.   Eventually nod voted to surrender.   BUT instead of going to a map vote... we went back to Field X again.     ? WTH?



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Blaming bots for crashing the game is a legit reason to force the server to Field?

 i.e.  Tonight.

I seeded the server, I placed mines on both sides. I put in some bots and..... .  I waited until. ..  I found some fun when 1 Human joined.   NICE!   We Played around a bit had some fun.. made a few jokes...   ......we...  Welcomed a 3rd player... I Hoped for more fun....... then    BAM!  We are forced from Oasis to Field.


I realize that FIELD is the new HOly Grail Magnet for filling a server.   Really.  I do.  But manipulating the player's experience to facilitate your server population serves only your self interest and not the players of RenX.


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  • Totem Arts Staff

I really don't think there are server mods that forced map-change to Field. We do know it's the default map so there's that. Force-change can be indicated by suddenly getting into the end-game session without being able to chat or vote. If you got disconnected, then you can be certain that the server did indeed crash

It's not as obvious when the game has ended and then the server crashed tho

As an addendum : I hate Field and how it's being overly used. If there's any map I'd force-change to without being given any instruction, Field and Under would be the last map I'd pick

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