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In a Very Small team match... what Bot lvl equals a human?


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When i am in a small match,  say 2 vs 2.  ... and another player joins....  What  lvls of bots equals a human?

I have been adding a lvl 9 bot.   But it seems maybe that is too powerful of a response...      Lvl 7?    Surely not a bot at lvl 5.   ??


What is the bot equivalant of a human??

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Well,   OFC  bots can never really equal humans...   But they can trash a map pretty fast sometimes.   Once I added 5 lvl 5 bots and they blew up a building before I could get mines down.  Other times I have had fellow players complain when I add a lvl 9 bot.

Specifically, I am looking for strategies to balance out the action when there an extra human or two on one side.    When I join a  2v2 or  3v3 - the advantage to the team with the extra human is readily apparent.    Sometimes we can add a few bots, like 5, and keep the action thick enough for a decent game.  But that is not always enough.   Certainly not enough if 2 humans cooperate.

Can Bots be used to this purpose or no?

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