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I changed maps 5 times and NEVER got Under or Field. Aint right


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I'm just saying.   It ain't right.

These are Primary maps for Ren X.

They are so (Fn) useful for small team games that can build hang out and turn into bigger teams....    <--- -  It is CRAZY needed!

Perhaps we need a PRIMARY map designation>???

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I just finished 5 maps with only a few players who were great fun and looking to see the server populate.

We were only 10 players, but there was good sporting and fun so we kept trying maps....    ALWAYS  looking for an Under  or a Field so the server population might grow.... or any map appropriate to small teams.     Never saw them come up.   Never even saw a decent map for small teams.     O... we did get NvN maps.....  one time even two of the five available choices.  CRAP.     Did we get a map with base defenses that could help build the server population?    NO.  Did we get a broken map and a bunch of crappy choices?   Yes.

I do not understand why this game does not present appropriate maps for smaller teams.

Sorry to be so negative lately.   I do so enjoy playing this game and hope for more for it.

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+1 for maps that get used for low player count.  I don't like small maps or low players. But during certain times, the UK server is full, or other servers have under 12 players.

Thus if 12 and under = problems:

  1. Big maps are too large to walk or guard.
  2. If map doesn't have built in towers, then a troll will nuke a building (after group agreed no beacons). We cant defend nukes with only 5 teammates. (Because half of the team will be in the field. Then 2 defense cant disarm 5 attackers who shoot engineers. It's very frustrating when this happens because the game is meant to be a team game, and we lack the teammates.)
  3. Spy crates are super killers on low pop, when there's no towers or auto defenses. (Cannons detect spies right?)

Solutions: someone make a Mutator and map edits: If player count is [x] or under then: Reply and vote for number: 12? (remember split in 2 for teams).

  1. Disable large maps from auto loading (unless voted on?). 12
  2. Force small maps that spawn cannons in each base. (So without having to make a new version of the map, the Mutator can simply spawn 2-3 cannons [on top of buildings or next to]. 12
  3. Disable beacons until at least [B] players. (vote). 20?
  4. Disable commanders until [C] players? 20?
  5. For [T] minutes, Disable building kill if player count is 6 and under? 10 mins? (If buildings cant be killed, then how to win? Thus a timer to allow very low pop to get enough credits to buy base defense (mines), then after [T] minutes, they can attack buildings.)
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On 3/3/2021 at 11:56 PM, Sarah. said:

Yes, Field will only show between 0 and 40 players

Ah, man...That's sad. I like that map and I usually play during peak hours...

I still think there should be a RANDOM map choice, and if it is picked - ANY map can be loaded, regardless of team count.


P.S. more nighttime maps!

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again tonight.  In my opinion what a horrible selection of maps for small teams.   game after game just horrible.     Are we trying to keep this game from becoming popular?     Why can't we provide map choices with base defenses to low population servers?    Giving players an experience that lasts more than 10 minutes might be helpful to the game.   You cannot add enough bots to make up for the lack of base defenses.

Must they choose NvN to get get field?   apparently so....... if what i saw tonight is any evidence.  


*I should probably specify what server I am using if anyone cares.     For awhile I thought maybe the lack of suitable map choices was due to only having 5 choices.    But tonight we had more and.  .      .  ... ..  AND THEY STILL!. ....  . ,, .   5. .   .  .          .   .. They still were lousy options for a small population server.

Please consider how this game might be made Attractive to small  population servers.   So many games only exist by having a HUGE population to keep them attractive in the wee hours of internet activity.   Renegade X has survived by always populating at least one server at peak times.   This game has all the potential to grow a larger dedicated player base IF it can provide entertaining game play with a minimum of players.  The BIG games with FULL servers sure are fun.  But the spirit of RenX is alive in small squad cooperation - like what we find in small population servers.  When just one or two players find communication and cooperation.. that is the basis of the fun we all enjoy no?


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