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Reconstruction project of sound effects (ReSound) update. V 0.7


The future of Project ReSound.  

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  1. 1. In what direction should PRS (Project ReSound) move?

    • Concentrate in different directions.
    • New sound effects for the surrounding area: forest, doors, terminals.
    • Let venichles be better. Why should we enjoy one engine sound in different tanks and a 50 caliber machine gun from Battlefield 3-4?
    • Bring better weapons to mind. The survey can wait.
    • Your opinion (we will comment in the comments or write).

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Project ReSound v 0.5.5 Change Log:

There are no new products introduced in this update - this is more work on unfortunate sound effects for a more comfortable game. Many thanks to Nexus51325 and other users for the advice of this mod. On their recommendation, weapon sound effects have been replaced or fixed.

* Flamethrower. Let's start with him! The change was made on the recommendation of a user on Youtube. Thank you very much. I like this sound even more!
-Completely reworked the sound of shooting.

* Anti-aircraft gun. Replaced the sound, but retained a particle of the previous version of the sound effect.
* Completely reworked the sound of shooting. The pump remains the same.

* Chemical rifle. Then I tried to add a mixture of gases and jets of water. It turned out amazing!
-Completely reworked the sound of shooting.

* Ramjet Rifle. A new attempt to improve sound based on the original sound, but with a more modern look. I must admit that this is already 7 attempts to hone the sound effect, and even with an emphasis on the original. And this is taking into account the fact that today I was able to finish at the very last moment!
-Full replacement of sound effects

* Repair of weapons and their variations. The problem with the difference in the volume of the weapon sound has been finally resolved. I hope!

-Fixed crashes when the volume is different. This time everything should work correctly.

   Now I would like to talk about the development of the project. Not only about replacing / adding sound effects, but also about its future. What do you want to see in this? What improvements / replacements to the sound of weapons do you want to see and in what direction should the project go? Elements of the environment? Military equipment? Interface? New menu of the purchasing terminal according to the weather on the map? Or maybe you just want to change the balance or a new weapon? Your criticism, feedback and suggestions are critical to the future of this project and thanks to people like HIHIHI, They, [MB] Nexus51325, Roweboat, Iridesence
and to everyone else who writes reviews, leaves comments and usually uses my mod, I give more confidence in the development of this project.

   At the moment, starting next year, I plan to completely replace the sound effects for military equipment, including harvesters, as well as turrets. Weapons, engine operation, and possibly even a separate sound signal! To make sure that the project is moving in the right / wrong direction for a more comfortable game for you, I propose to conduct a survey here or on the forum regarding the future direction of our project. Waiting for your suggestions.

   And that’s all. Don't forget to support my project, like and comment ... Nice game! See you on the battlefield!




ReSound v0.5.5.zip

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Thanks for your work on this! Great sound design really turns a game from good to great!

Personally I feel focus should be put on vehicle combat sounds. Yes many of the sounds from infantry guns and such are great and unique, but many times infantry combat happens so quickly.

Tank combat tends to be a bit slower and a good shell blast from a tank cannon is very satisfying 😃

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3 hours ago, roweboat said:

Personally I feel focus should be put on vehicle combat sounds. Yes many of the sounds from infantry guns and such are great and unique, but many times infantry combat happens so quickly.

Thank. On the issue of the transition of the project to the next stage, the trace will begin no later than the beginning. years exactly, as I wrote earlier. I still need to refine the sounds of weapons and, possibly, add another reload sound to the animation. I’m also thinking of adding new sounds of hitting bullets and shells, as well as their flight for almost every weapon.

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I'm happy there are people giving this much attention to detail. For feedback, I thought the repair sound was just too quiet and unnoticeable, its nice to hear when repairs are really being given and I also thought the grenade launcher wheezing/wizz sound was a bit irritating after a while, but the rest sounded nice. I'd actually welcome a new door sound just to replace something that's common place and a bit boring. Differences in things like footsteps or tracks in snow, sand or dirt if this isn't already present.

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9 hours ago, Mystic~ said:

Differences in things like footsteps or tracks in snow, sand or dirt if this isn't already present.

   Thanks for the feedback! This project is currently designed to almost completely replace the sound effects in the game, not to mention the fact that in order to leave marks on the surface, shoes require serious work on the game code. However, I can establish the sounds of steps on the surface, and I count on what is put on the foot of the foot soldiers: heavy armored boots, a stealth suit, and more ....

   But as for the door, not only it needs to be changed. The gates of the war factory have appropriated the doors from Red Alert: Path Beyond, so that will need to be fixed in the future.

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  • DenWellingston changed the title to Reconstruction project of sound effects (ReSound) update. V 0.7

ReSound Project is a mod for Renegade X from DenWellingstona and HIHIHI, designed to replace all sound effects with more authentic ones for more comfortable gameplay instead of the old ones, they took and slightly edited them as a basis, with various games like Crysis, Battlefield, Halo, etc. At the moment, all the resources of the project for infantry weapons are already ready for more than 25 types of various weapons.

In the ReSound 0.7 update, the sound effects of shooting were completely reworked for almost the entire arsenal of small and heavy infantry weapons, dividing them into sound fragments, such as a shot and a bolt / projectile delivery. This makes the weapon more alive, which will give a great listening experience. Although many of the sounds for the weapon are ready, work on it will still continue. In the future, work will be done on the sounds for the animation of the interaction of weapons, the addition of sounds for the incident of a projectile hit, the interaction of projectiles with various materials.In addition to the effects of explosions, some sound elements have also been added for more effective gameplay.

Major changes and fixes:


** Secondary weapon.

* Pistol with and without silencer.
-Replaced the sounds of shooting.

* Heavy pistol.
-Changed the sound of shooting.

* Submachine gun with and without a silencer.
-Replaced the sounds of shooting

* Carabiner with and without silencer
-Replaced the sounds of shooting.

* Tiberium PP.
-Changed the sound of shooting.

** Basic weapon

* Automatic
-Updated firing sound.

* Shotgun
-Updated firing sound.
-Updated pump and recharge sound.

* Flamethrower
-Updated firing sound and added pre-firing ignition sound.

* Grenade launcher.
-Updated firing sound
-Added sound for drum shop animation

-Updated firing sound.

** Equipment and non-combat weapons

* Variations of repair guns.
—Completely corrected the difference in the volume of the devices from the beginning to the end of the work.

* Air strike
—Changed the sound of airstrike guidance, and also finally fixed the problem with the playback of the guidance sound. For both factions, the sound is individual.

** Class
* Machine gun
-Updated firing sound.

* Launcher
-Updated firing sound.
- Improved guidance system and guidance sound when capturing, holding and targeting.

* Fragment Cannon
- Updated firing sound for each fire mode
—Updated pump sound to match animation.

* Chemical atomizer
-Updated firing sound and added pre-firing ignition sound.

* Sniper rifle
-Updated firing sound.

* Laser rifle
-Updated firing sound

* Tactical rifle
-Updated the firing sound of the main firing mode and the grenade launcher.

* Laser machine gun.
-Updated firing sound.
-Added a new sound for the rotor spin.

* Rocket launcher
-Updated the sound of the missiles, in accordance with the animation of the weapon.
-Updated firing sound.

* Personal ion cannon
-Replaced the sound of shooting
- Added new charging sound

* Railgun
-Changed the sound of shooting.
—Finally resolved the issue with the interruption of the firing sound.
-Updated firing sound.

* Ramjet
-Changed the sound of shooting.

* Volt rifle
- Complete replacement of shooting sounds for all fire modes has been carried out.

** Technical changes.

—Optimized DenPack root file and removed unnecessary audio files.

- Some types of weapons have been renamed.


ReSound 0.7.zip

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