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Found 9 results

  1. As it was mentioned, the timeline could be between C&C Tiberian Sun and C&C3 Tiberium Wars, so there should be room for expanding the lore and with it, explaining the existence of units that would be close analogs/precursors for the C&C3 units many of us would like to see. Avatars, Zone Troopers/Raiders...etc. can make an appearance, but not quite as we know them from C&C3. The units could be similar, original, with the added explanation that they're perhaps early prototypes and initiatives from both sides, in their arms race, during the time between Sun and Wars, much like the things we've seen in the Kane's Wrath expansion. What could be more satisfying, to fans and as fans, to actually, seamlessly and believably expand the game, the lore. Sure, it wouldn't be actually canon, but who knows, maybe some of the original developers from Westwood are still floating around, they'll see it and go, "Damn, maybe we should give a proper sequel a try." Or they'll just appreciate the passion fans still have. They'll surely be glad to see it, even if they can't make a sequel. But, never say never. Now, for some questions/clarifications/observations. Can the Mobile Stealth Generator be left alone and can it be hijacked, like any empty vehicle, then? Seeing that Personal Obelisk weapon seemed like a BIT MUCH, at first, but, then...like I said above, stuff like that can be explained, as an expansion of lore, experimental weapons...etc. on both sides. And yeah, I wouldn't want some hit-scan crap, either. I mean, yes, they're laser weapons, sure. Perhaps they can be the successors of the ramjets Sakura/Havoc uses, with instant projectile travel time. But, again, that's practically hit-scan. Can't decide if I'd want something like that, unless it'll cost A LOT, with very slow fire-rates and perhaps it can encumber the holder, make them move more slowly and of course only some archetypal units should be able to handle it, for balance. Someone mentioned how relying on skill and not hit-scan was important. And it definitely is. I'm funding the development of a game called EM-8ER, from the original creator of WoW, who plans to break away from standard, dreadful MMO formula and one of the things they want to emphasize and implement is definitely the reliance on skill and not have any hit-scan/auto-hit combat, which is, of course, the oh so cleverly hidden dice-rolling that's going on in the back as characters ineffectually flail at one another. And, of course, in a game like RenX/Firestorm it is even more important not to have stuff like that. I cannot recall, in the old Tiberian Sun and Firestorm, if every unit on one side had a counter on the other. A particular unit that was strong/weak against another particular unit on the other side. I'm always reminded of Red Alert 3. As goofy as it was, even if you had a max rank unit of a certain type, if it was weak against another type it didn't do much damage, even with it's max rank damage bonus. Veterancy isn't planned to be a thing, though. Which is actually good. With veterancy being removed it will be double good. One, it will be easier to balance. Two, veteran/pro players won't be untouchable/unkillable anymore, just because they racked up points and kills. One of them won't be able to hold down a single path and be the terror of the battlefield, all by themselves. Nod definitely has to retain their alien look. One of my favorite designs is the Sam Site in C&C3. The way it's deployed, with a control node, to how the three separate launcher open up, like budding alien flora, it all looks so out of that world. I know the honeycomb pattern is actually used a lot, especially in sci-fi settings, but it never fails to please my eyes, whenever I see it on something.
  2. Project ReSound v 0.5.5 Change Log: Hey! There are no new products introduced in this update - this is more work on unfortunate sound effects for a more comfortable game. Many thanks to Nexus51325 and other users for the advice of this mod. On their recommendation, weapon sound effects have been replaced or fixed. * Flamethrower. Let's start with him! The change was made on the recommendation of a user on Youtube. Thank you very much. I like this sound even more! -Completely reworked the sound of shooting. * Anti-aircraft gun. Replaced the sound, but retained a particle of the previous version of the sound effect. * Completely reworked the sound of shooting. The pump remains the same. * Chemical rifle. Then I tried to add a mixture of gases and jets of water. It turned out amazing! -Completely reworked the sound of shooting. * Ramjet Rifle. A new attempt to improve sound based on the original sound, but with a more modern look. I must admit that this is already 7 attempts to hone the sound effect, and even with an emphasis on the original. And this is taking into account the fact that today I was able to finish at the very last moment! -Full replacement of sound effects * Repair of weapons and their variations. The problem with the difference in the volume of the weapon sound has been finally resolved. I hope! -Fixed crashes when the volume is different. This time everything should work correctly. Now I would like to talk about the development of the project. Not only about replacing / adding sound effects, but also about its future. What do you want to see in this? What improvements / replacements to the sound of weapons do you want to see and in what direction should the project go? Elements of the environment? Military equipment? Interface? New menu of the purchasing terminal according to the weather on the map? Or maybe you just want to change the balance or a new weapon? Your criticism, feedback and suggestions are critical to the future of this project and thanks to people like HIHIHI, They, [MB] Nexus51325, Roweboat, Iridesence and to everyone else who writes reviews, leaves comments and usually uses my mod, I give more confidence in the development of this project. At the moment, starting next year, I plan to completely replace the sound effects for military equipment, including harvesters, as well as turrets. Weapons, engine operation, and possibly even a separate sound signal! To make sure that the project is moving in the right / wrong direction for a more comfortable game for you, I propose to conduct a survey here or on the forum regarding the future direction of our project. Waiting for your suggestions. And that’s all. Don't forget to support my project, like and comment ... Nice game! See you on the battlefield! ReSound v0.5.5.zip
  3. Good day! And here came another update from me and HIHIHI for Project ReSound v0.4! But first, I want to say something very important: First of all, I want to thank HIHIHI for helping with the work on the ReSound project. Without it, updates of this kind would never have been realized since the very birth of the project. This man has done a lot for me and this project. I am his great debtor for him and I consider him an important person in the work on the project. I also want to be happy to announce that soon a test server has been launched with its support and TomUjain mod. Check out the game launcher! In the short term, the project is designed only to replace almost ALL of the sound effects of weapons, but in the long term there are plans to: -Replacement of the sound effects of weapons technology, as well as the work of the engines and movement for each model. -Add beep! (For almost every single machine, its own unique sound) -Creation of a separate interface for almost every type of weapon and equipment. -Redesign of the background menu of the terminal of purchases for each faction -Reddesign background of the main menu. -Add decorative content and not only .... Here is the list of changes: * Grenadier Grenade Launcher: -Completely changed the sound of firing from a grenade launcher. *Flamethrower: Completely changed the sound of shooting and the effect of the cease-fire. *Automatic rifle -Completely replaced the sound of shooting based on the original. * Marksman Rifle - Fully replaced shooting sound * Missile Launcher -Completely replaced the sound of shooting. - The sound effects of the missile guidance system are also partially replaced. *Assault rifle - Completely replaced the sounds of shooting, including the grenade launcher. * Volt Rifle - The effect of the basic mode and alternative fire for the weapon is completely replaced: from charging and firing, until the charge is canceled. These changes do not affect the sounds of shells. * Railgun - At the moment, the problem of losing sound effect is still being solved. As soon as there is a solution to the problem, immediately release the patch. * Personal Ion gun. -Changed the sound of charging shots. -I also want to note that the modified weapon models have their own names. Trifle. but nice. And the last: Even if you like the mod, but you will not leave a response on the forum, we will be glad that you like this modification and you continue to use it. Your support and use of our modification motivates us to continue the development of the project. Project ReSound V0.4.7z
  4. My first realized version of the project ReSound, changing the sound effects of weapons in the game. At the moment, the Railgun is ready, the sound of which is now more close to that of the Tiberian Sun. Changed the sound of charging and firing weapons, but in the near future there will be additional changes in other types of weapons. Special thanks to the HIHIHI user for helping to write the mutator code. There is a version of the mutator for single-player and for installation on the server. Instalation: *Skirmish version Den_ReSound_Skirmish.7z * Multiplayer Server version Den_ReSound_Multiplayer_Server.7z Unzip the archive files in the game folder. To run the version with the modified sound you need to run DenServer.b Thanks again to the HIHIHI user for writing the code for the mutator to work.
  5. So. While everyone admires the development of tanks, I decided to work closely with infantry in the First Queue by basic classes. The first priority will be a change in the balance of the basic infantry weapon and its equipment. The same will be with the engineers, but I plan to consider this class in the last place, since it performs 90% of its functions. I have successfully corrected the characteristics of the carbine, but there is still a lot of work to be done on the spread of weapons when firing. Your opinion will be very important to me.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    * This mutator will remove all TimedC4 from all soldiers. * Version 1.0.0 Compatible with Renegade X v5.282 Mutator : Rx_Mutator_TimedC4_Remove_All.u (Download) Source :
  7. Version 1.0.0


    * This mutator will remove the second TimedC4 from all soldiers. * Version 1.0.0 Compatible with Renegade X v5.282 Mutator : Rx_Mutator_TimedC4_Remove_All.u (Download) Source :
  8. View File Rx_Mutator_TimedC4_Remove_Sec * This mutator will remove the second TimedC4 from all soldiers. * Version 1.0.0 Compatible with Renegade X v5.282 Mutator : Rx_Mutator_TimedC4_Remove_All.u (Download) Source : Submitter Ukill Submitted 02/03/2017 Category Modifications
  9. View File Rx_Mutator_TimedC4_Remove_All * This mutator will remove all TimedC4 from all soldiers. * Version 1.0.0 Compatible with Renegade X v5.282 Mutator : Rx_Mutator_TimedC4_Remove_All.u (Download) Source : Submitter Ukill Submitted 02/03/2017 Category Modifications
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