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Found 1 result

  1. Project ReSound v 0.5.5 Change Log: Hey! There are no new products introduced in this update - this is more work on unfortunate sound effects for a more comfortable game. Many thanks to Nexus51325 and other users for the advice of this mod. On their recommendation, weapon sound effects have been replaced or fixed. * Flamethrower. Let's start with him! The change was made on the recommendation of a user on Youtube. Thank you very much. I like this sound even more! -Completely reworked the sound of shooting. * Anti-aircraft gun. Replaced the sound, but retained a particle of the previous version of the sound effect. * Completely reworked the sound of shooting. The pump remains the same. * Chemical rifle. Then I tried to add a mixture of gases and jets of water. It turned out amazing! -Completely reworked the sound of shooting. * Ramjet Rifle. A new attempt to improve sound based on the original sound, but with a more modern look. I must admit that this is already 7 attempts to hone the sound effect, and even with an emphasis on the original. And this is taking into account the fact that today I was able to finish at the very last moment! -Full replacement of sound effects * Repair of weapons and their variations. The problem with the difference in the volume of the weapon sound has been finally resolved. I hope! -Fixed crashes when the volume is different. This time everything should work correctly. Now I would like to talk about the development of the project. Not only about replacing / adding sound effects, but also about its future. What do you want to see in this? What improvements / replacements to the sound of weapons do you want to see and in what direction should the project go? Elements of the environment? Military equipment? Interface? New menu of the purchasing terminal according to the weather on the map? Or maybe you just want to change the balance or a new weapon? Your criticism, feedback and suggestions are critical to the future of this project and thanks to people like HIHIHI, They, [MB] Nexus51325, Roweboat, Iridesence and to everyone else who writes reviews, leaves comments and usually uses my mod, I give more confidence in the development of this project. At the moment, starting next year, I plan to completely replace the sound effects for military equipment, including harvesters, as well as turrets. Weapons, engine operation, and possibly even a separate sound signal! To make sure that the project is moving in the right / wrong direction for a more comfortable game for you, I propose to conduct a survey here or on the forum regarding the future direction of our project. Waiting for your suggestions. And that’s all. Don't forget to support my project, like and comment ... Nice game! See you on the battlefield! ReSound v0.5.5.zip
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