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im new what should i know?


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1 hour ago, isupreme said:

You will learn a lot by playing support role and healing others.

Never be afraid to die, especially if you have a low cost character.

The harvester needs to stay alive.


I think this is also the most fun :D

There's really a ton of play-styles to choose from and every decent match has different phases in the game that requires a certain amount of people maintaining a certain role: hottie/tech at base, mining and supporting, infantry going after a harv, infantry rushes, engi's and techies supporting tanks and each other, going after tech buildings, sniping, stealth sneaking and harassing, heavy tanks pushing or defending with a building down... 

Stick with your commander, because they're really just trying their best too, they can buff you depending on the commander points the team has collectively gathered. Finding you way on maps also helps, so stick around infantry at the start of the game. Watch your credits and don't be ashamed to ask for credits, people can donate their credits to help set up a rush. Do yourself a favor and join infantry rushes, it doesn't matter how good you are, knocking out an enemy building while the opposing team is too focused on hogging field can be pretty rewarding. 

Go get 'em :)

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The most vital thing to know in the entire game which is not explained is that anti-personnel mines (only hot wires and technician class carry them) are intended for defending buildings, these are placed in groups of 2 or 3 at building doors, ramps or choke points, but if you place them anywhere else without knowing what you're doing or go over the limit of allowed mines you will quickly alienate the experienced players into condemning or behaving hostile towards you.

Everything else you can learn or pick up in time.

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2 hours ago, vandal33 said:

Unless you're parking next to a base defence, don't leave empty vehicles for long. Enemies can steal it. Exiting a tank to disarm a nuke beacon can literally hamper your team.

Spies can too - even while you are parking it in the proximity of a base defence. :ph34r:

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