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Trouble with downloading version information


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2 hours ago, SBHBS said:

soo i want to join sever today, and thats what i get... i even reinstall Ren X launcher but its still here, any one knows how to fix that?


What launcher version do you have? (It should be written at the top left), and also is it still doing it? 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Gotta make an update on situation(should've done this weeks ago):

The problem was kinda fixed by not using launcher at all and instead entering the game via executable( UDK.exe). Since launcher doesn't work, neither does the in-game server browser and so whoever will have this problem will need to enter servers with open URL/IP_of_the_server( add ?password= right after the main part if the server is protected by password). For URLs ask server owners.

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On 10/1/2019 at 6:28 PM, Agent said:

If anybody's still having this problem, please let me know whether or not you're able to access the version info from a web browser: https://static.renegade-x.com/launcher_data/version/release.json

At now I'm trying to install Launcher. It's my first time to install RenX launcher, and I have same errors like SBHBS and Gex_str. 

Downloading release.json - browser error: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Location: Russia, AS43235


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