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What kind of Games you guys are playing?


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Renegade X (my favorite, duh : )  ).

I have recently started playing Portal and Portal 2 and enjoy them very much.

I used to play Planetside 2... Hopefully I will be getting a new computer soon and will be able to run it once more (totally unplayable on my current computer, sadly : (  ).

I have played TD, TS, CNC3, and CNC4 to some extent... Mostly CNC3. I don't play them as often anymore.

I also enjoy a little Medal of Honor: Airborne and other older MoH titles every once in a while.


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Minecraft.   Survival. Single player.   Sometimes multi.

Cities Skylines.  Basic no frills.

For some weird reason i like traffic conrol:


World of tanks.  What a piece of shit game but hey... its tanks...

Red Alert

Into the Breach.    i paid a couple of bucks and enjoy the heck out of this game.




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Guest once upon the time

I play, I am older 🤣)  to train my brain :

Microsoft Freecell and so on,  for me relaxing to 100%

ofc , playing Ren X sometimes of Paradise or Stanis new map.


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