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Almost same FPS at Ultra and Minimum

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Good day. I've been playing your game for more than half a year, I like everything. But I have a problem with FPS.

If you change the settings to Ultra (without bloom) and the minimum, the FPS difference is no more than 10, sometimes it is just missing. On average, my FPS is 32-40, but sometimes it slows down, like others.

My PC Amd FX-6300, 16 RAM DDR3, Nvidia GTX-550Ti, PS Chieftac 500W

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46 minutes ago, Too Sexy For My Love said:

My PC Amd FX-6300

The Unreal Engine does not like AMD FX CPU-s. My own FX-based PC has experienced significant lags, especially when accessing the Purchase Terminal in game. I suppose it has to do with the engine's poor multi-thread performance / FX family's generally poor single threaded performance. The game usually reaches a CPU bottleneck for said reasons much more often, than GPU-related performance drops, so it is quite probable, that the same thing has been happening to your PC too. :/

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  • Totem Arts Staff
27 minutes ago, Sarah. said:

Ding ding ding, found the problem.

Not even remotely the full reason. 

Theres a very gradual slowdown that occurs over the course of about 1 minute in all online games for RenX. Whether it's 16v16 or 32v32 doesnt stop this, and can be watched at whatever the hell the 'Proxy Total' under the memory stat is, as well as in the game profiler. 

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  • Totem Arts Staff

It's much like what @limsup stated. The Unreal Engine is single core use only and the FX chips have poor single core performance.

For example, I upgraded my GPU from a GTX 770 eventually to a GTX 1080TI and saw next to no improvement. It wasn't until I upgraded my CPU that I saw a change.


I didn't do scientific accurate measurements, but the performance difference between an FX-9370 vs Ryzen 5 2600x for Ren X was like 30 FPS. E.I. very significant


Current Set Up: Gigabyte X470 AORUS ULTRA GAMING (Motherboard), Ryzen 5 2600x (CPU), 16GB DDR4 (RAM), M.2 SSD, Nvidia GTX 1080TI (GPU), 750W PSU

The game runs very smoothly at 2160p (4k) with all settings ticked on, even at 32x32 players, I hardly ever notice a drop in performance.

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@Too Sexy For My Lovei have ~75 FPS on ryzen 7 2700x in skirmish mode 16vs16 bots, on full server with 64 players depend on map ~50-65 FPS +stuttering, unstable frame rate, freezes etc.
gtx 1070ti usage ~40% on ultra
so on the most powerfull (in single core performance) CPU-Intel Core i9-9900KF for 551$ you receive ~92 FPS max and of course also stuttering, unstable frame rate, freezes etc.

im not sure but it seems like game engine uses only 2 threads of CPU, the game is choking

in 2014  this game worked pretty well even on intel i5 430M with very very poor single core performance but after every single update FPS went down and down and down
now its completely unplayable on that CPU

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