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Make harvy control a separate Command


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Make harvester control a separate commander.

I.E.   allow players to vote in a harvester control player.   

In this scenario players could vote for a person to manage the harvester.   This would allow a less consequential vote.    Is it not intimidating to be voted commander?  Not everyone wants to be the Total Commander.    I would readily take harvy control in a game tho  i loath the commander role.

To some extent this is a continuation of the idea to create sub commanders.      I think it would be awesome if a commander could have players who manage key aspects of the battle to help the commander focus on a winning solution.  If Chat could show the sub commanders input and information...   

   A harvester commander would be an easy first step.

ofc the harvy command could be managed by any commander.


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  • Totem Arts Staff
12 hours ago, isupreme said:

Would it be difficult to achieve this?      

Like many of my suggestions i suppose it would be a low priority,   but hey sometimes low priorities get done!   (as in putting the map name on the map  :)  )

No, it’s not hard. Time to work on RenX is limited, sadly. And there aren’t many hands working on it.

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  • limsup changed the title to Make harvy control a separate Command

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