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NA server fun


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Just a few happenings tonight on the NA server.

This was going to be a bug report, but then I found out there was a stank under the engineer. : )


I got a spy marksman and hammered away at the Nod PP until it went down. I had to do about 40 damage with a pistol until I was promoted and got more ammo for my rifle. That is not for the impatient. : )


Lastly, possibly my best KD ever (8.6) in MP, excepting on T.O's sniper server and such. I attribute it to the fact that the GDI bots were not at all getting tanks or AT infantry. I'm not trying to boast; remember, these were bots. It was just fun. : )


Come one and all to the NA server! Two nights of fun already! Hopefully many more to come.


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  • Totem Arts Staff
27 minutes ago, isupreme said:

Glad  the server sees action!   

aw that it was down sat morning and started it up again.   I guess some maps cause the game to crash?

I don't have full admin control atm, but i am working with NEC to keep it running.  

You could suggest to them to use this program. https://w-shadow.com/blog/2009/03/04/restart-on-crash/

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