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EA agreement question


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So, a quick question about the agreement with EA:

Is it allowed, per the agreement, for me to use sounds from the campaign (specifically, the crazy Nod AI voice in the last mission; can be heard here) in my custom map? I realize that dialogue from the campaign is used in RenX, but is this under different rules?

Now, supposing that is allowed, what is the best way for me to get those sounds? Unpack the Renegade files or something? (I have Renegade.)


I would like at least a semi-official answer, not just "you should be able to do this and EA won't care."

Thanks, HIHIHI

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  • Developer

I am sure you are free to use whatever you want from Renegade :) but I don't know the "official" agreement. And yeah, the way you get the sounds is by using XCC Utilities (click utilities on the side) and looking through the files. Good luck finding the ones you want though, as they aren't named in any useful way. There's no real risk in using anything, as the most EA could do would basically say "please don't do that or we'll take you down". I wouldn't worry about it, as I am sure EA doesn't really closely monitor the game anyway.

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