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Where Is Everyone?


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Just to elaborate further:

The current majority of our player base is European players so the game is most active around the weekend afternoons to late evenings (5-11pm UK time).

Depending on how long the map goes on for, most players will leave after the map ends after this time.

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Asian player

play this game at 300-400+ping 

If I play without VPN ,the IN LOSS will up to 20-60 

Driving at high Ping is very difficult to control,so the only thing I can do just repair or snipe

But many players are good at Aim and they play at low ping

So the game environment is very bad for Asian players. (such as I Headshot someone with ramjet ,but he still a live)

(not good at English,Google translation support)

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3 hours ago, MN-Cody said:

I'm also a US player. Lots of people on over the past weekend but during the week there's literally nobody on. 

Could you guys make a USA server? :) 

I think NEC runs one. Also, for EST there are people on in the afternoon till about 7pm. The more western time zones are more iffy obviously 

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On 10/22/2018 at 2:07 AM, EnkerZan said:

Are there any plans for players in other countries?

Fixed it for you.

Maybe it was an optical illusion but Hungary once had like 4 servers.  And how many SBHs do you see now riding horseback shooting lazer arrows at GDIs Medium Knights?

Yeah man, it doesnt help.😪

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