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Force building doors to be invisible?

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It may have just been some weird visual glitch but during a game of Field I kept seeing red lazers hitting the weapons factory MCT despite the fact that the building's door was shut, there were 4 players repairing the building so I am unsure if it was having any effect regarding actual damage to the building, I didn't think to run in front of the lazer to see if it was able to cause damage...

That being said at one point the Obelisk went off and the beam struck the Weapons Factory MCT.

What causes these visual hiccups? [I was on the AGN server at the time]

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It wasn't just the Obby lazer but quite clearly an LCGs LCG, it was coming through the door because I looked around the corner and the lazers were coming through the door. Literally through the door as the door was closed and it was constant until the building died. I thought I had taken a screenshot but Steam gets confused as to where to save screenshots for this game due to me running the launcher through Steam. (i.e. I cannot find the screenshot)

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