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commander way points


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Can we talk about the commander way points?      ( hope i have the term right)

The various markers that can be placed, like meet here etc.

I find them really annoying and problematic.

1.  The totally destroy my immersion in game.      Because they are visible THRU the landscape.      I enjoy immersing into the game and the scenery/terrain is a big part of that.    This feature totally blows that to bits.     They are REally! visible.    Distracting to high degree.

?are there not other ways to achieve this goal?    I support the drive to encourage teamwork and cooperation.   But i find this is  a sacrifice of game environment.

Could they be displayed on the map but not on field?      Could they be made visible like normal objects and the hill blocks them?  
Could players get a  distance to objective reading?

2.   They get old and commanders do not always update them.   Just a perception.. am i right on this?

Can they have a timer on them?

3.   Is there a simple OFF option?  I read on how this works in the wiki but i did not see a simple.. turn that off option.

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2 hours ago, Canucck said:

Its great until you get there and you're like "DAMN BEAM OF LIGHT OBSTRUCTING MY SIGHT"

I can get behind a bit of what @isupreme is saying, if waypoints were obscured by the terrain then they'd be less intrusive visually?

Make the waypoint markers more transparent and have a clear indication on the radar as well as the map view of the waypoint location(s), an directional arrow around the radar which points in the direction of the waypoint would be a nice touch.

18 minutes ago, yosh56 said:

Biggest issue I've seen in what few games I've played is people not updating them. May just make waypoints decay like targets, as they're generally obsolete after like 2 minutes to just show people where you're talking about. 


This defeats the problem of the visual intrusion being a constant but doesn't entirely fix the issue people are having with them, which is seeing them through the entire map. Better to do a job right and never have to touch it again than to make the smallest change which you'll likely still receive the same feedback for anyway, which is to make the waypoint less visually intrusive... (see between the quote boxes) 

  • Waypoints do not want to be seen through the terrain at 100%
  • Decay timer is a nice touch, I'd set the timer to 5 minutes instead of 2 minutes 
  • Map view display as well as radar display [Honestly not looked at either to see if waypoints show up on these, probably because they're always visible without needing to look]
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I had issues removing waypoints in 5.31 @yosh56 but didn't test it in 5.32. Maybe people also don't know you can now remove them? (I assume that works :P) 

Small suggestion: Make a shortkey (for example numbers like weapons) for 'meet here' so a commander can just press a button and then his mouse instead of going through the menu. 

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