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Basebuilding Gamemode ideas

Eagle XI

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This type of map would be large, the sides start with an conyard, couple buggie/humvees and a tank that get paradropped alongside the mass infantry into the area. Since the defenseless conyard getting boomrushed within the first minutes of an game would be awkward there is an rush-protection in the form of an ai-controlled pave-low(gdi) or harpyie(nod) that lingers above the base for the first minutes of the game(or atleast an Barracks is built). Think of it like the ECA chopper that flies around the Command Bunker in RotR.
Defining base area: It could be like in the first Bfme game. There is an pre-defined base area for each team, inside this 'castle', which unlike in bfme starts without any walls and gates at first(but there an few preplaced bunkers and loosely laid-out sandbags along where the walls will come later, as to not being entirely senseless to defend at first. Later the base can be upgraded to have solid beton walls with gates, back to what i was saying there are spots where the buildings can be built upon. There is an limit of x buildings per base and y defense turrets. All base buildings use an large slot, advanced defenses use an medium slot, and basic defenses use an small slot. The base area is defined such the conyard will always remain in the middle center(is 'citadel' of 'castle'). The layout of base corresponds to roughly an hexagon(Nod), simple geometrical(round or squarelike) for GDI shape.

How expansion gets handled: Like in C&C3, there are little outpost expansion bases that can be captured each has 3 large slot and 3 small slot around itself.

In this mode there is an base management console inside the conyard, that accepts only the commander to interface with it.
Using this console the commander can:
 -Upgrade an empty slot with an building which then gets built there. The building being built will have scaffolding that can be attacked to hinder its construction, similar to gen:zh. An destroyed building can be rebuilt aslong the Conyard stands.
 -Deposit credits for building repair. Deposited credits to be reserved for auto-repair of that building. Aslong an building has credits reserved it will be repaired automatically at an base 'two repair guns'-rate that also increases the more credits are reserved for that building.
 -Control the dumb harvester. As this type of map will have multiple tiberium deposits Commander can assign the Harvester to an field, the Harvester then happily travels to harvest that field. As the game progresses Commander gains ability for can order an Carryall pickup one Harvester and carry it back to Refinery vicinity(like in Dune).

-Upgrade walls of base. First upgrade adds simple chainlink fence, second upgrade adds solid beton walls and gates maybe.
-Activate respawn on a building. Each building can be respawn area but there can be only x amount of active respawn at a time. This is necessary in combination with expansions as otherwise there is an chance of randomly spawning at far outpost instead mainbase when its under attack. The commander is to manage that.
Base building follows C&C95 tech-tree. First the PP, then Barracks and Ref, then Weap, CommC, Repair, Helipad etc.

There can be multiple PP, Ref, Barracks or Weap, aslong the building limit hasnt been hit. Available building slot number doesnt necessarily equal building limit.


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Quite ambitious what you have in mind there. The basic RX gamemode would need to be heavily modified, in particular how buildings are handled by the gamemode...

Don't know if/how your idea would fit with RenX, or might overcomplicate things...

Maybe check out this discussion:

In any case, the SDK and most of the code is out there! Why don't you give it a go and see what you can come up with?

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And what about a slight alteration to this plan which has partly the same impact, but should be easier to create:
- Game starts with building(s) offline or classes offline
- They can be activated either by time (so after 10 min the APC comes available or the SBH)
- Or they can be activated by receiving harv loads
- Or they can be activated by spending team money (for research for example)

Up for the person(s) willing to create this what will be the best scenario. 

This doesn't create the need to make something to be able to place buildings, but could still give a team more control over how the base is developed. Imagine one team decided to go full into vehicle development mode (first WF enabled, then vehicle one enable, vehicle 2 and so on...) while the other team invests full into base defence (or rocket soldiers with AT mines).

I can imagine this mode can be created with 'some' scripts and custom PT's but I am hardly an expert.

Offcourse the idea which started this topic also sounds good, but there's been talk about this for quiet some time and it looks like it's going to be hard to archieve. 

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I too have thought about having ingame research, the prison thingy of cc95 would function as the tech center of this era. Each team can have only one research center.

Its probably better for the gameflow the units themselves not being researched but become immedietaly avail once their techtree preq is fulfilled.

The techcenter would research 'components', those are optional parts for vehicles and equipment for infantry, mostly utility(like Gen:Zh or TW research) but new weapons too at late game, another option can be to invest in new powers for the commander, also there can be building affecting researches like an tiberian fuel research at nod that increase PP price reduction modifier in exchange for decreasing harvester yield per trip as compensation(think as some tiberium must be reserved to keep the PP running, that being deducted from the harv yield).

When spawning an vehicle then you get to apply one of the available 'components' that have been researched. Research drains team money, probably the cmdr gets to decided stop/start research and pick the next field.

Ex. an Mammoth can be outfitted with Nuclear Engine(+speed yet irradiates upon destruction), Railcannon weapon(instant projectile, much longer cooldown), Ablative Armor(adjusts the modifier so that rockets to deal lesser damage, suffers more from something else in return, arty shells probably),

an Medium tank may gain the mg of humvee as extra anti-infantry turret on top, get an autoloader for almost instant shell reloading, etc.. the ideas are mostly there throughout the later C&C's and their mods.

For infantry you would get Hallucinogen Grenade, Flashbang, that can be purchased by most classes. There would probably be an lategame upgrade that boosts hp and armor of base infantry classes and changes their skin to Tiberian Sun-era infantry like.

I do realize the extreme difficulty, still what i know the idea that lurks at the backside of every C&C player's head is to see basebuilding in the game someday.

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1 hour ago, Sarah! said:

2 weapons on 1 vehicle was really buggy back then, and it didn't really work that well. Up to the devs to decide whether or not to bring it back. I have no intention of adding it to AGN though.

Would be nice to have a second gunner aboard, or the ability to hand over gun control to another person with for example a buggy / humvee.

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