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[Level] CNC-Field Snowing


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CNC-Field Snowing

Winter has swept through Field. Enter the cold period of the year, fight against your enemy and get rewarded by Santa!


Unique in Field Snowing!

- The Outer Route has been blocked off. (Special for the people that don't like the new Field)

- No Communications Center

- No Silo, but a Barn

- River accessable for small vehicles


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34 minutes ago, SvN91 said:

Are there more models of civilian buildings? would it be possible to make maps with towns or even cities?

No, this one comes straightly from the UT3 RenX Field. There are no other urban assets made

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T h i s    i s   a   T e c h n i c a l   S e r v i c e   B u l l e t i n   f r o m   T r y - O u t



# 1 - Perhaps it would be wise to prevent getting vehicles from the crate inside the Barn ^_^
Or did Sinterklaas arrive on a Mammy? 



# 2 - The sides of some rocks are transparent



# 3 - Very nice Easter Egg ^_^



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