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Full build Game as zip file

Shuvon Gaming

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People don't show interest to download the full game from the game launcher, Because  it takes too much time. We need the full build (updated regularly) game as zip file or torrent file. So that people can download full game (with maps) easily. My net is very slow to do that (400KB/S). Need someone who has speedy net connection


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However, you should always use launcher to improve it if it is improved. The second would be "the .bat" file to select a server itself. Since the lauchner comic white never takes the best server.  as a last possibility because http away.


Since many would prefer to have Torrent but the 8gb is too much for the internet line I will make the fullbuild in parts and as a container for jdownloader. This would be much easier for many.

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I cannot even begin to fathom why someone would want to download the entire game client after every single patch, or even for installation. The launcher does integrity checks, retries individual files which don't pass integrity checks, uses the fastest available mirrors (plural because it will go to the next best mirror if one begins to fail), resumes progress on restart, and even has download compression. For unstable internet connections, the launcher is literally your best bet. If you have issues, you need to report them.

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Best server to download. Have already written somewhere that it does not work. It always takes the same server that is not the most optimal. If you restart the client it takes another. Have already times that somewhere suggested how one could improve the launcher. But it was not. With many gibts halt problems with the thing (although not with me)


if you open the launcher several times, he has at some point the right server.  What also causes a lot of problems and the performance is the many small date which he has to download all single download (At patch okey) but the first time. it can last forever

because one is my opinion with a full build at the beginning fastest.

I do not want to talk the launcher badly or something. There certainly is also a quantity development time behind it.







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Maybe there should just be an installer for each region and the only difference between each installer is the default source the launcher downloads from? So a EU, US, Asia (etc) client? Rather than relying on the launcher to automatically change to a users closest region?

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